20 Year Old Entrepreneur Trinity Jackson Creates Her Own Equation for Financial Freedom


Financial strife is possibly one of the biggest deterrents stopping us from pursuing our passions. The need to be financially stable to provide for ourselves and our families can be so great that we don’t allow ourselves to explore other income-generating opportunities that can potentially give us the freedom to do the things we love. Meet Trinity Jackson, a 20 year old entrepreneur who helps to take money out of the equation for individuals who are torn between finances and freedom. Trinity keeps her goals big and her vision of her future clear as she traversed the world of entrepreneurship to reach success, and strives to share this opportunity with the masses. 

Trinity was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and raised in Texas. Her charismatic and energetic personality helped Trinity excel in her first employment opportunity as a birthday party host, where she was able to enhance her innate communication skills which became so vital to her later in her career. Trinity attended a small University in California for around 90 days before deciding to discontinue her education, knowing that obtaining her degree in a field she was not passionate about would not give her the results she desired – that was when the real entrepreneurial spirit was ignited.

With her back against the wall, Trinity came out strong constantly searching for unconventional ways to make money until she struck gold. Through social media, Trinity found network marketing and trading in the financial markets, and seized the opportunity to build the foundation of what would bring her the financial independence she coveted. To date, Trinity has created her business called Billion Dollar Dynasty, with a network of over 500 people that continues to grow. Under her mentorship they are able to learn the skill sets required to build their own online business and trade in the foreign exchange market. 

When discussing the concept behind her business, Trinity says:

“We show people the opportunities and possibilities that are available to them outside of conventional employment. Most people can’t pursue what they truly want in life due to financial constraints which can really create stress and unhappiness in our day to day lives. Billion Dollar Dynasty helps to find that financial independence so you can take money out of the equation when determining exactly what it is that we want to pursue.”

Working with partners all across the US, Trinity’s main objective is to help others find the freedom similar to what she experienced when she made the decision to drop out of university. Trinity hopes to help as many people as possible leave the jobs they’re not passionate about, allowing them to be liberated from the monotonous daily exchange of time for money. Trinity says that giving people their time back can allow them to utilize their hours on the things and people that are truly important to them. 

Growing up and finding her own path as an entrepreneur at 19 was definitely not easy for Trinity. Going through setbacks and finding solutions to her problems on her own has shaped Trinity into the independent businesswoman she is today.  

“Growing up I used to play a lot of sports. I really identified myself as an athlete but I got injured and I wasn’t able to continue. I always wanted to get a scholarship to play sports in college, so that really just changed my whole perspective, not being able to do what I loved, what I was used to. It wasn’t something that anybody could help me with. I just had to get through it on my own. That mindset has stuck with me and has made me better equipped to deal with setbacks in my business and life in general,” says Trinity. 

Facing this drastic life change and then becoming an entrepreneur at only 19 years old pushed a large amount of responsibility on Trinity’s shoulders, which she says has helped her in becoming a better leader for her team. Trinity mentors new and aspiring entrepreneurs to not only find their footing financially but also to take charge and responsibility over their life and choices. 

“At first learning the skill of trading wasn’t the most difficult part. It’s learning the skill of controlling your thoughts and really training your mind that’s the hard part. I knew the way I was thinking before had to change and it really pushed me to grow up quickly and start taking responsibility for everything that has happened throughout my journey, and once I was able to do that, things just started falling into place,” says Trinity.

As Trinity continues to grow Billion Dollar Dynasty, more and more people are given the opportunity to thrive with Trinity’s coaching to help them think outside the box and achieve new heights of success they had never previously considered.

As Trinity says, once the new skills are mastered, and the business is growing, the best way to stay motivated is to ensure that your goals and your reason for wanting success is bigger than yourself:

“Of course I want to be successful but the biggest reason why I want that success is so I’ll be in a better position to help my parents. I’ve realized that not only do you need to have a reason why you’re doing this, but that reason needs to be outside of yourself. If you achieve these goals, it has to impact more people than just you. That way when YOU don’t feel like getting up and going, you know there are other people depending on you to do this, and that will give you that extra motivation. I remind myself that if I don’t do this, I won’t be able to help my parents and my brother and my sister the way that I want to.”

Trinity says she always surrounds herself in her goals – she keeps them written down in her car, all around her house, even on her light switch when she’s walking out the door. This constant reminder is what has helped her reach the levels she’s at today and what pushes her to continue to help make the dreams of entrepreneurs around the world into a reality.