20-Year-Old Millionaire RJ Rogers Shares His Formula For Success


Less than eighteen months ago, this young man was living in a shelter. Life had put him to the test over and over but RJ Rogers managed to pull through.

His father taught him to work hard and be humble, and this mindset has proven invaluable when looking at the path the 20-year old – six figure entrepreneur – has architected for himself.

Rewind to the beginning of 2020, RJ Rogers didn´t have a single dollar of income being generated from any digital ventures. What he had was determination and hunger to learn and master marketing, particularly for electronic commerce.

“I truly believe that where you see yourself is where you will be.” –Rogers affirms.

Only eleven months later his network of e-commerce platforms had already generated well over one million dollars in sales. By meticulously analyzing trends, conducting tests and taking calculated risks, the Houston based impresario was able to successfully crack the code to a more prosperous life.

On Instagram (@igobyrj) RJ has shared portions of his journey; He´s a humble person and his story has served to inspire a new generation of young entrepreneurs who are able to overcome adversity and become respected members of their communities, fostering economic growth through innovative businesses that exploit today´s hyper-connected environment in an effort to generate sustainable, inclusive growth.

RJ recently granted us an interview, during which we were able to gain key insights into the workings of the successful businessman´s mind:

Many people are afraid to make changes in their lives. How did you manage to turn things around for yourself?

The older I got the more people around me started telling about how I should start preparing for the world and literally everything I would hear would make me bored and a little scared to live life the same as everyone such as go into debt take a big loan for college, get a good job that makes just enough, maybe retire in my 60s.

I’m not looking down upon people living the traditional way but I wanted to live life to the fullest and the only message I would see when searching up financially free people was “take risks”. So from there on no matter how hard life got even when I was bouncing from shelter to shelter I always kept in my mind that thanks to the risks I’m taking on achieving my goals I would see light at the end of the tunnel!

Did you have any prior experience with e-commerce before starting your online store business?

A little, I had started my own clothing line but nothing major, I didn’t have to worry about ads or email marketing and e-commerce requires a lot of tools and knowledge to really make it.

What is the secret to your financial success? Did you expect to achieve a major increase in revenues in such as short amount of time?

I would say the secret I think worked for me was blocking out everyone that said I couldn’t do it or told me to do something else with my life.

The moment you let that into your head is the moment you have self doubts and that equals failure. Yes, I did, I saw it in a dream plenty of times I was just waiting until it manifested itself into the physical realm. If you are really into e-commerce, then you know that once you find that trending product everyone wants it’s all about spending more money to make more money.

What is the best advice you can give to other people who are looking for a way to steer their life in the right direction?

My best advice is to first cut off any bad influences whether that’s friends, family or a lover. It will be hard but the world owes you nothing so you have to make every sacrifice possible to achieve the financially free life you want.

And second thoughts become things I truly believe that where you see yourself is where you will be. I can’t explain it but it works, you need to tell yourself everyday “I’m gonna make it!” and of course put the work in but with those two put together you’ll become unstoppable!

What are some of your next plans and strategies when it comes to business?

Some of my strategies include finding every successful person in the business I’m in, find out what mindset they had approaching it and figuring out what they lacked on and try to improve on those areas so I can stand out.