23-Year-Old Entrepreneur Luis Perea Shares His Vision for Success in Network Marketing


We all have dreams of what our life could be like, but without a plan or purpose, those ideas stay only in our minds and don’t come to fruition. Meet Luis Perea, a 23 year old entrepreneur who is turning his dreams into a reality, making his passion into his purpose through a clear vision that has guided him on his journey of personal development and entrepreneurial success.

No stranger to hard work, Luis’ first job was with a moving company at the age of 18. Working with his hands all day, he enjoyed the job as it helped him understand the value of hard labour. Luis went to the American International College in Springfield, Massachusetts where he studied business and played football. After completing one year of college, Luis knew that the lifestyle wasn’t for him.

“I always knew I wanted to work independently, never having to clock in or out. I wanted to make my own path and create a legacy built on my own dreams, not the dreams of someone else,” says Luis.

After leaving school Luis was introduced to network marketing, which he knew could be the vehicle to help him achieve his dream of providing a better life for himself and his family.

Luis’ vision of his future, had now become crystal clear with a plan in place. Combining his passion for personal development with his leadership skills, Luis quickly built his business from the ground up.

To date, Luis’ business “Dream Team”, has grown to over 300 people spanning the globe. When asked how he came up with the name of his company, Luis says:

“The individuals that I have in my organization are all versatile with different skill sets. We complement each other well and match each other’s work ethic to get the job done – it’s an all star team.”

Through Dream Team, Luis helps to provide the tools and resources needed to learn to trade in the foreign exchange market.

“My business is about turning your dreams into reality. Obtaining the financial means to do the things that you always wanted to do in life,” says Luis.

Now that Luis has found success in entrepreneurship he is far from finished. He continues to work hard to pave the way for his younger siblings, making sure they don’t have to go through the same struggles that he did growing up. His ultimate goal is to help his family find financial freedom, and he is well on his way to making it a reality.

To be where he is today, Luis has been through some tough situations and while some entrepreneurs look externally for solutions, Luis knew he would find answers looking inwards.

“I had some issues of mistrust growing up that I tried to use as a platform to push me further in life but I realized that that wasn’t motivating me. It was my sister who really helped me find my way through the situation by showing me that the real lesson was figuring out how to truly love people for who they are. If you want them in your life, you have to understand that you can’t change those individuals. My sister told me that while you’re upset about a person’s actions, that person is happy and living their own life, so you can’t allow their choices to impact you,” says Luis.

This lesson Luis learned of accepting others as they are has transformed not only himself but his business. In network marketing it’s all about building a team and working with people from different walks of life with different mindsets and backgrounds. At first Luis faced challenges with his team, but just like everything else in his life, he worked through it and came out on top.

“I wanted people who I was working with to be just like me. So people left my business which is always going to be an obstacle in network marketing, But the important thing is how you can learn from it and improve on it. So I just kept faith in myself and continued to run with the people who were running with me. I learned that if we all have the same end goals in mind, the ways that we go about achieving those goals can be different, as long as collectively we have the same vision,” says Luis.

Through all of the trials Luis faced both personally and in business, his growth as a person has been pivotal in his perseverance. You hear a lot of successful people say that one great decision can change your life, and for Luis it was his decision to move out of his father’s house at 19 that changed the course of his journey for the better. 

People are reaching out to Luis Perea for his inspiring story of growth and success on his instagram handle @mr.iamhim_ to know more about him.

“When I left school, I was making a substantial amount of money, but I was still the same person I was in the summer before I was gaining success. I didn’t like the idea that financially I was building but personally I was stagnant. So I made that decision to change it.” says Luis.

Leading by example as a successful businessman and mentor, Luis is more than happy to share his best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Unlearn old ways and learn new ways.It’s important to let go of habits or behaviours that are not growing you in order to make room for new and more productive habits to form and flourish.”

Constant Growth is Key. “You can’t build a business if you’re not building yourself as a person. The person that you are now has brought the business to the level it is at now, but if you’re not changing or improving yourself, how is your business going to grow and improve?”

Don’t let your emotions get in the way of your decisions. “To find success in entrepreneurship, you can’t allow your emotions to cloud your judgement. You need to remain neutral in all situations and act objectively.”

Stick to your word. “do what you say you’re going to do. In this business credibility is everything.”