24 Year Old Hair Stylist and Entrepreneur JazzLynn Signs Development Deal With Business Ambassador Chadd Black


JazzLynn, the owner of The Pink Room Hair Salon, takes the beauty and salon industry to the next level.

Her passion for the beauty niche, powered by her commitment to providing the best of products and services through her salon, has positioned her at the forefront.

Of all the things that have garnered a lot of attention lately, the emergence of many young talents across business industries and fields has made more headlines, also primarily because of their absolute resolve and passion, which has helped them make a mark in their respective niches. This very attitude to make it huge, which motivates them to even go under the grind and rise above others as true talents have what helped them create their success stories. The beauty and salon industry has so far welcomed many such young women and men, but the ones that have gone ahead in creating milestones are the ones that have kept at their visions firmly and have chosen to do the hard work to emerge as unique salon and beauty entrepreneurs. We came across one such highly talented professional named JazzLynn from Houston, Texas, who as the head of her brand has taken her one of a kind beauty salon named ‘The Pink Room’ to greater heights of success.

From a very early age, JazzLynn was fascinated with all things beauty and this motivated her to launch her career while still in high school. Graduating from high school, JazzLynn studied Cosmetology and landed with a job as an in-house stylist at JCP Salon. Working with them, JazzLynn learned the ‘its and bits’ of the industry and honed her skills better with hair colouring and overall healthy hair knowledge. In fact, JazzLynn worked full-time and even simultaneously completed her Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Prairie View University.

This further ignited the fire in this young talent to enter the world of entrepreneurship and create her unique niche with her own beauty and salon business. This led to the initiation of The Pink Room in Houston, Texas. It has risen as a full-service salon in a short period, offering nail appointments with Royal Tipz, extensions, eyelashes, clothing, and many other things. Today, JazzLynn is an expert with colouring wigs, hair care, extensions, silk presses and styling.

What has helped her stand apart from others is her brand’s originality and how organically it has grown with people falling in love with its robust salon services. This licensed Cosmetologist and entrepreneur is making her brand thrive and we can imagine the feats she is yet to accomplish in the coming years, looking at the success she has already achieved.