5 Critical Life Lessons Worth Learning From Jason Jouan’s Inspirational Journey


Life is a journey, and there is so much to learn along the way. Through its trials and tribulations, we can build a life of incredible success and live out our true potential. Nothing can hold us back if we approach it the right way, and entrepreneur Jason Jouan’s inspirational journey represents what our lives can look like when we take complete and total responsibility for the outcome.

J​ason Jouan is a real estate rising star, property investor, and entrepreneur who understands that wealth results from our mindset. “My life wasn’t easy. Nothing was handed to me, and I had to work hard to get to where I am at,” explains Jason. At just 26 years old, Jason is the owner of multiple properties and shares the five lessons that brought him from debt to success.

1​. Nothing Comes Easy

“​Success is a product of hard work,” states Jason. “There is no denying that. If you aren’t willing to work hard, then entrepreneurship isn’t for you. I worked long hours, multiple jobs to get where I am, and that grind was the biggest learning experience of them all.”

2​. Work While Everyone Else Sleeps

“​I used to put in 12-hour days. I would work from 8 in the evening to 8 in the morning, then go straight to lecture,” says Jason. “When you are willing to sacrifice some downtime, you learn there are so many more hours in the day to chase your dream.”

3​. Surround Yourself with Like-Minded Individuals

“​Your network is your net worth, and we are who we surround ourselves with,” explains Jason. “Like-minded people inspire the best in us, and they keep driving us instead of putting us down.”

  1. Find a Mentor

“The best thing I ever did was connect with Samuel Leeds,” states Jason. “I had a vision, but I needed to learn from someone who was an expert in the industry. He saw the worth in my plan and helped me in the right direction.”

5​. Don’t be Afraid to Take Risks

“​Success lies on the other side of risk, and in entrepreneurship, we have to take them, or we won’t get anywhere,” says Jason. “Risk can sometimes be scary in life. We have to take them head-on in order to evolve as a person and overcome that fear.”

J​ason Jouan has been fortunate enough to learn such critical life lessons early on and enjoys imparting that knowledge to others. Jason believes that he can help inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to build fulfilling and satisfying lives and careers in sharing his journey.