Abhay Tiwari Lending A Helping Hand Amid Pandemic


“Always have a willing hand to help someone, you might be the only one that does.”

Roy T. Bennett

“To each its own.” That’s the motto of today’s world. All the selfishness built up over the years is leaving a permanent scar on loved ones that could be saved if people were more complacent and giving. But that is not entirely true as the second wave of the pandemic rages on our country. People are coming forward to help and lend unconditional love and support in these tumultuous times. One such example is Mr. Abhay Tiwari, who is at the forefront of the battle against the pandemic and is willing to do everything in his power to assist the country. 

Abhay Tiwari holds a respectable position as the National Coordinator in Incharge for the Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh Youth Congress. He has been nurturing the youth for years to become responsible leaders and act in the best interest of our citizens. His passion for politics drove him to the Congress party as he idolizes Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, a stellar example of an activist who helped shape a government for the people. He is a graduate in Bsc and LLB and holds post-graduate degrees in law and business management. He believes that education is quintessential if you want to change and therefore invests his time in reading and writing.

 He is one of the few outspoken about the current situation and the poor mismanagement by the government in power. He says, “The current state of affairs is traumatizing, to say the least—all the residents out their faith in the leaders of the country. The mishandling by the government in power is disturbing as we had the resources to manage it better but chose to look the other way. I grieve for every soul who is no more because of  the virus.”

Abhay Tiwari is compassionate about the people in and around him, who are battling the pandemic in some form or the other. He is incessantly working with his party members to combat the virus and scrounge up adequate medical infrastructure. He says, “There is a dearth of medical supplies in India, and I won’t hide this fact. But we cannot sit and bow our heads in shame. We must help those in deep agony and not rely upon the baseless promises of the government. The only means of escaping this monstrosity is by helping each other. Our party members arrange the Covid19 battling gear that comprises masks, shields, kits, medicines, and supplies to the smaller nursing homes and abandoned government-run hospitals. We are running a pillar to post for arranging medical oxygen, micromanaging its delivery, and improving the supply chain.”

He has started ‘Plasma Help’ through a digital campaign. He says, “The Indian Youth Congress is leading the Nar Seva Narayan Seva by providing oxygen, plasma, medicine, ventilator beds, and food water to the victims and the needy under the leadership of the National President. In this series, the donation of blood plasma made in the human body is now necessary, which is very helpful in fighting corona virus infection.

The Covid report must be negative for donating plasma and a hard copy and a copy of the Aadhaar card. Those who were Covid positive and the investigation report has come negative can donate 14 to 21 days later. People who are 18 years of age and are completely healthy can also donate plasma. Healthy individuals up to 60 years old can give plasma. Those who come under this purview can go to the official Facebook account of the state youth congress, Twitter account and fill the form for ‘plasma donation’ with their wishes.I don’t even have the time to return home and spend most of my time coordinating members and conversing with our party chiefs. I believe we can overcome this tragedy as we did before.”