Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr, The Journey of Becoming A Showbiz Sensation; Building Careers and Excelling Together as a Couple


See how this perfect couple, Alexandra Creteau and David Murrietta Jr, are living the dream life. Alexandra had to go through a lot as a social media influencer and actress and how David was always there for her. The article sheds light on her showbiz career and her projects. Check out how together they managed to grow such a large following on Instagram and Youtube.

Being Persistent is Being Successful

Sometimes all you need is a bit of motivation and dedication to succeed in what you are doing. Besides, being persistent is also crucial no matter in what field you are burning the midnight oil. This long and arduous journey full of challenges and obstacles can become a lot easier if one has the companionship and support of a loving and supportive partner. More or less the same is the story of the beautiful Russian actress, Instagram influencer, and YouTube star Alexandra Creteau. She has come a long way in the Showbiz industry along with her fiancé, David Murrietta.

The couple is living more of a dream life now. They are collaborating with different brands, producing high quality content for their Instagram pages and filming different couple videos and upload them on YouTube for the fans and subscribers to enjoy. But, for all this perfect and lavish lifestyle, Alexandra had to overcome a lot of obstacles that got in her way. All of this couldn’t have been possible without the support of her fiancé David Murrietta Jr. He is a dynamic actor, model and social media influencer. David is known for playing a police officer, detective and military roles on Television and movies. He shares his acting life, lifestyle and fashion content on his Instagram page: @david_murrietta with 80K plus followers.

The Humble Beginnings

It all started from humble beginnings. Alexandra was born in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. By the age of 18, she had acquired her early education with Civil and Criminal Law as majors. Later, she and her family relocated to Russia to be closer with their relatives. Three years later, Alexandra decided to relocate to the United States by herself. By that time, Alexandra was 23 she had started to explore several career options. Out of all of the career paths, acting and modeling had become her dream. Alexandra decided to follow the call of her passion. Since then, she has never looked back while making real progress with every passing day. 

Entering the Showbiz

The fashion and modeling industry, so closely linked with each other, also left some influences on young Alexandra, making her work on some fashion gigs. To be precise, her modeling career began in the New England, Boston Area. She has been working as a commercial print model in the Boston area. You can see her fashion and lifestyle content, on her Instagram: @alexandracreteau and YouTube channel: Dalex Vlogs. The main reason behind opening the YouTube channel was to convey the single yet most fundamental message to the masses of being themselves and staying positive no matter what adversity comes ones way. This message especially has a lot of worth in these pandemic days, where everywhere you go, there is this gloomy darkness prevailing. Perhaps, staying positive and motivated was not as substantial as it is nowadays. 

Some Major Projects

Talking about her acting career, Alexandra has been a part of various projects of different genres and different scales. She has worked with big production houses as well as indies. Among the most pronounced of her projects include The Imperfect Seduction (2013), The Night of The Naked Dead (2012), Bloody Hands (2021), and the Vicious Circle. The later one, The Vicious Circle, also featured David Murrietta, Alexandra’s fiancé. The chemistry and mutual understanding Alexandra and David had with each other onscreen made this movie a must-watch.   

Excelling Further With a Perfect Love Life 

However, she does not plan to stop here as she aspires to excel further in this field along with her fiancé David Murrietta Jr. She has attributed her success on multiple occasions to David. No doubt, such progress cannot be observed in any profession by anyone without the continuous support of a loving and caring life partner. Together, the couple is planning to broaden their circle of influence on both Instagram and YouTube. Alexandra has had two Russian channels just to spread her message across a broader demographic fraction. Her Russian YouTube channels currently stand at 60k subscribers and English Youtube channel: Dalex Vlogs has crossed the 9k subscriber mark.

Miami Scandal

To convey her artistic side, she has authored a book, Miami Scandal, available on Amazon. It was her first experience as co-writer of the online book. She fell in love with writing and currently, Alexandra is working on writing her own screenplays.

That Insta Game, Though!

Alexandra has also taken her Insta-game to a whole next level. With over 315,000 followers on her handle, she is quite an influential fashion and lifestyle blogger. She has worked with different international brands, including Old Navy, HENNESSY, Rimmel LONDON, Sally Hansens, Pure Protein, Oreo, Flattumy, Elli activewear, Built NY, and many others.

A Perfect Balance

Throughout her life, Alexandra has valued love more than anything. Still, the main focus of her life is to be happy with her fiancé David Murrietta, and their lifestyle also depicts the same kind of picture through their vlogs. Alexandra and David know how to support each other in the best possible way, in all spheres of life. It is the reason that Alexandra has become a role model for many women out there, women who are playing and managing many roles; a mother, a wife, a girlfriend, and a businesswoman or professional. 

Godspeed Girl!

To all the millennials out there, Alexandra wants to give one BIG message: Never be afraid of adversity and stepping out of your comfort zone. The more you explore different avenues in life, the more and better options you will likely find. Furthermore, you don’t need to mind the meaningless criticism you will often face, no matter what career you are pursuing. In acting and modeling, one has to bear a lot of backlashes initially. If you pass through that stage without failing, the world is yours! Alexandra is looking forward to playing many more diverse characters in different tv shows and movies. You go, girl!