Amid panic petrol buying, Hummer with fuel cans goes up in flames


The older generation Hummer SUVs sold in the US may have been fuel-guzzling machines but to store cans and cans of fuel in the vehicle amid a potential petrol-related crisis in the eastern states of the US has come with its fair share of accidents. One such Hummer, with several fuel cans in its rear cargo area, caught fire recently and once the blaze was brought under control, was only a charred replica of what it once was.

The incident was reported from Florida’s Homosassa where cars have been lining up to get a tank full and many also opting to fill fuel cans in reserve. The rush to fuel stations has been caused by supplies dwindling in many states after a major supplier had to shut its network following a cyberattack.

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Patience has been a rare commodity but attention to safety may have been sacrificed as well. The second is true for one particular Hummer vehicle which reportedly had several five-galleon (19 litre) fuel cans inside when it caught fire. Local officials rushed in quick to douse the flames but by the time the fire was brought under control, it may have been a little too late to salvage much from the SUV. The hood and fenders of the vehicle had come off, all the glass windows were shattered while eyewitnesses also claimed they saw melted fuel cans inside.

While it is not yet clear what led to the Hummer catching fire, storing or transporting fuel cans inside a vehicle has once again been highlighted as a potential fire risk.

Hoarding of fuel has also become a major concern in several states in the eastern parts of the US. Long lines of motorists at where fuel is available has led to concerns that many may just be looking at keeping emergency stocks. And while officials have assured that supplies would be back to normal by next week, many are not leaving much to chance.