Amit Jain, Serial Entrepreneur- Shattering The Diamond Ceilings by Trending Brand Chateauvince Solitaires and Jewelry


‘It’s not every day that you find a jewel and it stays with you till time eternal’. Well when we are talking about Chateauvince Solitaires and jewelry, this statement might stand false. Every jewelry piece that you see at the Chateauvince Solitaires and jewelry is sure to stay in the back of your mind.

Staying true to its name Chateauvince Solitaires and jewelry is surely reaching leaps and bounds to conquer the heart and mind of everyone who is scouting for the most unprecedented jewelry pieces for themselves.

Surrounded by the beauty and serenity of hills and nature, these solitaires provide the perfect blend of modernity encompassed in culture and exquisiteness. The intricate designs blended with the perfect colours and artistry of their kind are the essence of these jewels. Not only that the variety and vast range that these jewels have to offer makes it unquestionably your first choice for every occasion and getaways.

When talking about his love or jewels, the young entrepreneur and owner of Chateauvince Solitaires and jewelry. Mr. Amit Jain says that he starts thinking of designs every single time he looks at any coloured gemstone or diamond piece. “Over the years we have focussed on changing with times and morphing our products with the changing times. The latest designs are the testimony that we have recreated fashion with traditions in our unique way” says the jewelry lover who has paved his way in the jewelry business with sheer determination and his love for the solitaires.

Amit established Chateauvince Solitaires and jewelry at a very young age in 2015, and with its supreme quality, the vastness of range, and global reach Chateauvince Solitaires and jewelry has now become one of the most reached out and sought-for jewelry brands. The fact that you get immense designs and a vast collection of jewelry and gold from the entire world, including Hong Kong, Dubai, Japan, France, Itlay under one roof has fostered the success of Chateauvince Solitaires and jewelry. The range and style that Chateauvince Solitaires and jewelry has to offer are incomparable and exclusive in their way. Be it Diamond polka, Kundan Pearls, or just the most ethnic and our very desi Indian gold, everything you need is served to you with the best of styling and vogue, and not to forget the hallmark quality and privileged GAI and IGI certification that keeps you rest assured with regards to the quality and purity of these eccentric pieces.

A line of awards by esteemed organizations for the excellent quality gold and diamonds hallmark jewelry, pushing the glass or maybe the diamond ceilings of extravagant ethnicity and modern jewelry designs and a dream to take this magnum range to the international market, all these are the crops sown by the seeds of immense grit and passion. Mr. Amit Jain seems to surely believe in creating a trademark of the business through the deliverance of panache quality of products and pushing the envelope by envisaging the customer needs to be molded with the hunger to create something new. With the same pace and growth rate Chateauvince Solitaires and jewelry should surely chamber up for new awards and achievements

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