An Exclusive Interview with Nour Khodr


The sensational star Nour Khodr, a multi-faceted person who is a musician, social media manager, music marketer, and a surfer, had an avid interest in music since a young age. We got up and personal with non-other than Nour Khodr to know his journey so far.

How did Nour Khodr get into his line of work?

Nour Khodr shared his experience of how he was scouted by the TV Show, The Voice and was put on their Instagram stories, which garnered attention, and Nour started having a fan base of his own. Nour says, “I even got a chance to audition for American Idol and I thoroughly enjoyed my connections with different producers.” Nour says that he started scouting for TV shows and connect different talents with agents. He soon released his music and put together marketing campaigns for songs on TikTok shortly. Everything was a grand success, which inspired him to start helping other talented people to achieve success, which led to the inception of his social media agency. 

The motivation factor of Nour Khodr

Nour Khodr finds motivation in everything. Nour says, “when my music makes others happy, that inspires me, when my family feels proud of my achievements, that inspires me, my long-lasting friendships, people who encourage me to do even better, people who trust my work, everything inspires me.” Nour knows how to find inspiration from simple things. Each day Nour Khodr wants to wake up one step ahead of where he was yesterday in terms of his work. His never-ending passion and zeal for his work keep him motivated as well.

Generating new ideas

When we asked Nour Khodr about how he generates new thoughts and new ideas, he answered that generating new ideas requires many strategies and a solid game plan. Not every idea will work, but to make sure that an idea works, one must study different case studies to understand what has worked in the past. Only having ideas won’t be enough; Nour says “the ideas I work on are backed by hours and hours and days and days of hard work.”

Wishing Nour Khodr all the best!

Nour Khodr is only 22 years old, and at such a tender age, this living giant had already achieved a lot. But what impressed us the most is his down-to-earth personality and the desire to do better than what he is doing today. Nour Khodr is already such a huge name in the industry and we can only wish more for his success.