Andrei Efremov and MindChat: Russia’s Top Hypnotherapist Heads US Company with Advanced Self-help Technique


Andrei Efremov is one of Russia’s highest-rated hypnotherapists. He began MindChat in the USA to help others learn his unique, advanced and successful self-help technique. In this interview, Andrei describes his medical background and how his technique differs from traditional hypnosis. 

Through his company, Mind Networks Association LLC, Andrei teaches his technique to all walks of life, regardless of whether they possess any medical training. Andrei, himself, administers the training, so the trainee receives hands-on experience from the outset. MindChat represents an unrivaled self-help technique in the global context. 

His website is:

What is your educational and training background? 

I graduated in 2011 as a medical doctor and, in the following years 2016 and 2017, I became certified as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist, respectively. That being said, I’ve never worked as a doctor in clinics, due to the horrors that I had seen going on inside such facilities, which ultimately shattered my faith in medicine.

Have you taught other people the methods of hypnotherapy? 

I have been practicing hypnosis and hypnotherapy for many years and trained Russian-speaking people who came to me for in-person lessons from all around the world. All the training was conducted strictly live. I have given short training sessions for at least 500 doctors.

Do you need to have a medical qualification to be trained by MindChat? 

I am not limiting my audience and give anyone the chance to learn, regardless of whether they hold a medical degree or not. Over the years, not only did I pass the information from other available training on to my clients, but I created my own technique for helping people with deep-seeded problems. 

How did you develop your unique MindChat technique? 

I have discovered that all the people are already under hypnosis, and therefore no hypnosis induction is necessary to help them. That means that no one needs to tell a stranger their deepest secrets. 

How does your new technique differ from traditional hypnotherapy? 

With my new approach, formal hypnosis is no longer necessary. That saves patients not only from unnecessarily deep abreactions but also reduces time to implement regression. 

A downside of the usual hypnosis sessions is that it requires lots of time for both preparation and treatment sessions. Hours of appointments and sessions are required to achieve beneficial results for the patient. With my new approach, the very expedient release of trauma is real. What I used to do in an hour (being a professional teacher!) now can be achieved in minutes by anyone wishing to concentrate on studying this new approach.

Another risk of hypnosis is that people frequently have ‘memories’ that haven’t actually happened, meaning that what they remember while under an induced trance has actually never happened. What if you see an image of being abused by your close relatives? Imagine seeing and believing it while, in fact, this may never have happened…imagine the consequences! 

What is your new technique? 

It’s a super simple technique that might be learned by anyone in a couple of minutes (which took me 5 years of almost everyday practice to develop). It really required some time watching me doing demonstrations “live” to grasp the simplicity of the approach. Beyond this, for this to work, a self-practitioner is sufficient. Of course, it’s best to have someone to facilitate the approach for you, but if you are sufficiently determined, you can enjoy success on your own!

You might achieve progress in minutes, where other modalities of healing sometimes take years! Moreover, although all results differ, I can easily demonstrate very difficult cases to be solved easily and elegantly.

Andrei’s technique, which he delivers through MindChat, is not hypnosis and can be learned by anyone. This breakthrough is exciting and increasingly necessary given the complexities of modern life.