As a Business and Success Coach, Anna Filatova Has Helped Many Thrive and Reach the Top


Anna hails from Estonia and has today established herself on a global platform owing to her work which has been well appreciated across all quarters. She is a fine example of the belief that if one chases their dreams with utmost passion nothing is impossible. Readers would like to know the story behind her success which has made her the most recognised faces in business today. Here are the excerpts of the interview sessions we had with this dynamic coach.

Tell us about your initial days, how did you foray into this field?

“since a young age I have been drawn towards learning and development and was always fascinated by areas such as personal fulfillment, potential and success. I strongly believed that everyone has hidden potential which needs to be tapped the right way to bring out the best out of that person. I just needed the right push to bring out the best out of me and I worked diligently towards it to finally achieve what I desired. I always dreamt of being an entrepreneur since the age of 14, and finally fulfilled my dream in 2019, when I started my entrepreneurial journey.”

How did you shift careers and finally ended up choosing this as the one?

“I loved my career in Hotel Management as it gave me the freedom to travel to distant places and learn a lot about different cultures. I was constantly on my toes as my job demanded a lot of my energy, but finally in 2012, I had a burnout that made me realise that health and mental well-being are more important than pressurizing yourself for career enhancement and that’s when I thought I had to put a halt on my Hotel Management career and look out for something which would give a much better work-life balance. Year 2019 marked the turning point in my career when I finally decided to pursue what I had always wanted to do in my life since the beginning, become a certified coach.”

Today, Anna is the founder and CEO of her company ‘Dreams and Beyond Coaching’, which is doing exceptionally well since its establishment. Apart from running her company, she’s also a DISC Personality Profiling Expert and an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine. “I’ve written for Thrive Global and featured on the TV Talk Show “The Extraordinary Achievers,” says the popular business and success coach before signing off.