As India waits, Tesla officially launches its electric cars in two more markets


Tesla is all set to enter the Indian car market at some point in time but a confirmed timeline isn’t yet available. But even as the US EV maker firms up its India-related plans, it is going full steam ahead with its expansion plans elsewhere and has recently made its products available for order in Hungary and Romania.

Tesla is foraying into the eastern and central European markets where it is likely to supply models made at its Shanghai facility. The China plant has already been manufacturing cars for several European markets, apart from for the country itself.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had, just last year, confirmed plans to enter the Serbian, Croatian and Slovakian markets. But entering the markets anywhere with electric vehicles is not just about opening up dealerships and getting the supply going. EVs need to also come with the required support infrastructure which comes from both the government’s end as well as car companies themselves establishing these.

Tesla, in this regard, has been establishing its own charging network -Supercharger Stations – in many European countries and hopes it would help it find more takers.

Markets like Hungary and Romania may not really drive up sales volumes for Tesla but having a presence may make sense considering the company is already shipping its cars to several neighboring countries. And exports to European markets have seen a rise in recent months with the company exporting around 14,174 EVs made in China, another possible reason why new markets here would perhaps make a whole lot of sense.