As petrol crosses ₹99 in rain-soaked Mumbai, netizens lash out


Lockdown restrictions may have saved many motorists from the arduous task of driving out on Monday and Tuesday but the water-logged roads due to the passing of Cyclone Tauktae, coupled with yet another hike in fuel prices, came as a double whammy for those who still had to venture out in their cars and two-wheelers.

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Mumbai received its highest-ever 24-hour rainfall in May with 230.3 mm rainfall till 8.30 am on Tuesday. Roads in several parts of the city were completely submerged and motorists had to drive precariously, often with rainwater up to the grille of their vehicles. Tuesday also saw yet another hike in prices of petrol and diesel across the country. Petrol in Mumbai is now at 99.14 per litre while diesel is at 90.71 per litre. “A century is all too real now. Never thought I would ever have to pay in triple digits for just one litre of fuel,” commented one user on Twitter. “Seeing Mumbai today, I would rather have boat ambulances for emergencies than regular ones. Not that the petrol price is helping. Get a paddle, someone,” wrote another.

Of all the metropolitan cities in the country, Mumbai has mostly always had the highest petrol and diesel rates. Fuel rates are determined by international crude prices but are also impacted by the taxes and levies imposed by central and state governments.

Petrol and diesel prices have seen as many as 10 hikes in the last two weeks. Rates in some cities in the country have shot past 100 per litre.