Audi becomes the first carmaker to launch Prelube II steel coil lubrication oil


German luxury car manufacturer Audi has announced that it is about to introduce the second-generation pre-lube oil. The carmaker has claimed that with the start of the production of the Audi Q6 e-Tron, it is introducing the second-generation steel coil lubrication Prelube II, which would significantly reduce the amount of lubricant required for protecting against corrosion and machining the metal sheets in the press shop.

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As Audi says, with the conventional lubrication Prelube I, one gram of oil is applied over every square meter of sheet steel. With Prelube II, however, just 0.7 grams of oil will be required for every square meter of steel sheet. It will create a protective film on the surface of a metal sheet that is thicker and does not runoff.

Audi says the Prelube II will help in savings around 40 metric tonnes of oil every year. Peter Kössler, Board Member for Production and Logistics, Audi AG, said that the Prelube II comes as part of the brand’s environmental campaign Mission:Zero.

The Prelube II will be first applied to the sheet steel for the production of its electric car Q6 e-Tron, as it has been set as the new standard for steel coil lubrication. The automaker plans to introduce the Prelube II to other models in the coming days. Initially, there will be a trial for other models and then the production will commence.

Not only Audi, but other car brands under the Volkswagen Group are also likely to adopt this initiative. The Volkswagen AG is planning to introduce the new oil class in Europe as the standard. This will increase the savings potential even more for the automobile group. Other auto manufacturers are likely to start using Prelube II in the coming years.