Australia’s Top Rated Public Speaking Coach, Kerry Pienaar Is Changing Lives


Kerry Pienaar, is a passionate and committed Public Speaking Coach who is helping people of all ages to believe that they deserve to be heard. With a proven track record, Kerry Pienaar is recognized amongst the top 1% of Public Speaking Coaches in Australia.

Kerry is the founder of Complete Communication Coach and provides one-on-one coaching & group training for people struggling with confidence. Her work is particularly relevant as fear of public speaking is believed to affect up to 75% of the population.

Whether you deliver a presentation to hundreds of people, share an idea in a meeting, or want to build your job interviewing or networking skills, confidence is key. Kerry provides easy-to-apply life-changing tools to help clients experience profound and dramatic impacts on their professional and personal lives.

Kerry’s approach has helped many people transform their thinking and behaviour, so they can communicate with confidence and clarity both personally and in the workplace.

Winning multiple public speaking contests at the highest levels in Australia, Kerry has inspired and encouraged hundreds of clients to have a voice and has been commended for creating a highly supportive environment conducive to change.

But Kerry did not master public speaking herself to start with. 

“Public Speaking was one of my struggles too. I spent many years gripped by fear and experienced brain freezes any time I had to speak in public.  It all took a different turn after I joined Toastmasters International where I learnt that if you are prepared to take yourself out of your comfort zone and face your fears, you can achieve things beyond your belief.”

Kerry says the recognition has been humbling. But the impact good communication has on people’s lives is what drives her. 

“For me it is a combination of empowering people to have a voice and teaching them techniques to help them get there confidently.” 

Kerry’s book ‘You deserve to be heard’ will be available soon.