Author Jeff Bensch Releases an Intriguing Guide to American Holiday Traditions


Author Jeff Bensch recently released his intriguing guide to some of our most beloved traditions, History of American Holidays: A Thought-Provoking Glimpse into America. Despite its enjoyably quirky, casual nature, Bensch’s book also prompts readers to consider the impact of major historical events and cultural issues.

History of American Holidays links the country’s past with its present, drawing connections between important figures, social movements, and celebrations. Each of its 13 chapters includes stunning illustrations and a homespun account of an American holiday. By incorporating thought-provoking stories and inspirational anecdotes, Bensch has created a standout guide that pairs trivia and cultural elements with an impressive visual layout.

History of American Holidays was well received by reviewers upon release. This book is perfect for parents, schools, or anyone with an interest in American history. For the holiday enthusiast, this book can even be read one chapter at a time as each holiday occurs throughout the year, making History of American Holidays a fun way to follow along with changing seasons. Whether it’s for personal enjoyment or presented as a gift, Bensch’s book is one of substance, both in writing and physical design.

Bensch was inspired to write History of American Holidays after a decade of penning holiday emails to clients that reviewed each holiday’s historical roots and tied them to present-day affairs. Bensch wrote the emails to appeal to both sides of our social divides. He hopes that his work will highlight the commonalities between Americans of all backgrounds and build bridges between the diverse groups in our country.

History of American Holidays: A Thought-Provoking Glimpse into America is currently available for purchase on, and other online outlets. Jeff Bensch grew up in southern Minnesota, where he worked odd jobs in the summer and played basketball in the winter. He graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in civil engineering and Cornell University with a Master of Engineering. From a consulting career in Sacramento, California, Bensch was drawn to writing and began applying the creative thinking that has served him well in the engineering world. Now he has released his first book, History of American Holidays: A Thought-Provoking Glimpse into America.