Back to Life: HungryPanda Empowers Chinese Restaurants Reopening


Since 12th April, in most parts of the United Kingdom, commercial establishments such as non-essential shops, bars, restaurants, hairdressers, and gyms have started to reopen. It is after the three months closure that the UK is now finally heading towards normal, and the economy of the country is slowly picking up its pace.

HungryPanda, the leading Chinese food delivery company, is pushing its business activities in the UK after the end of the lockdown in the country. In order to serve its customers and support restaurants thriving in the food business, HungryPanda is making intense efforts. It is helping restaurants to come back to life and operate their businesses like before.

HungryPanda is introducing new marketing and business tactics to help restaurants speed up their business activities. After the second phase of lockdown, people are now rushing towards their special food in their favorite restaurants in the UK.

The UK government has lifted the restrictions imposed due to lockdown, tourists/pedestrians are moving openly in Chinatown on a large scale. The increasing movement of people has given a ray of hope for restaurants in the country to pick up their pace.

The British government has been managing the vaccination project and the progress of the unblocking as per its plan. Slowly, things are now coming back to normal and they are not expected to slow down from this point.

HungryPanda is implementing its operations and strategies by keeping in mind Covid-19 guidelines. The food delivery giant is leaving no stone unturned to serve its overseas Chinese customers with the best quality Chinese food.

HungryPanda has brought many benefits for overseas Chinese users in the UK. It works tirelessly to introduce the best quality food for the target audience in a limited time. All the efforts are being made by the food giant to ensure the safe delivery of the best quality Chinese food to customers.

HungryPanda is also offering many benefits to restaurants running offline businesses. In a few days of the end of lockdown in the UK, the orders on the HungryPanda platform have seen a good increase.

Earlier, orders were expected to see a decline but the opposite result has been recorded. With the innovative strategies of the Chinese food delivery giant, offline restaurant businesses have been witnessing a hike in the demand for Chinese food items.

After the lift of lockdown, the daily sales of restaurants have seen an increase of 50%. It is positive news for these restaurants and the British economy. Moreover, it shows how effectively HungryPanda is making efforts to revive the restaurant businesses in the UK.

HungryPanda has contributed to the promotion of consumption measures to pump up the growth of restaurant businesses. Measures such as self-pick service and dine-in coupons have been launched by HungryPanda in the UK.

These are now helping the restaurant businesses in the UK to attract new as well as old customers. Moreover, overseas Chinese people are now finding it an excellent way to end their homesickness.

Currently, 90% of Chinese restaurants in the UK have taken part in the offline self-pickup activities of HungryPanda. It has contributed to a boom in their sales in a few days after the lift of the lockdown.

After the lift of lockdown, the restaurants are allowed to open outdoors to serve overseas Chinese customers. HungryPanda has introduced lucrative discount offers to help restaurants increase their overall traffic and revenue.

One of the discount offers in this context is the discount of self-pickup service that can be as high as 45%. And every Chinese restaurant has got some sort of discount offers for customers. It is playing a crucial role in attracting new as well as old customers towards restaurants.

In addition to this, dine-in coupons have also been offered to users for placing orders by visiting restaurants. They can use panda takeout to place orders and receive corresponding red envelope discounts for buying high-quality food at a low price.

Moreover, HungryPanda has introduced its new app with more features and improved functionality. The user-friendly design, more functional modules, less loading time, and diverse page categories are some of the options available for customers to order their food with ease.