Balance 7 is Making its Wave into America, Healing One Person at a Time


Balance 7 is a revolutionary high pH, Alkaline liquid concentrate, designed to neutralize the body’s PH level and reduce the build-up of harmful acid in the body. Dr. Ahmad Nooristani M.D., CEO of Balance 7, has “been involved in recent breakthrough research in the field of alternative medicine” and is committed to providing a “natural and effective [solution] to help [people] lead healthier lives.” Outside of Balance 7, Dr. Nooristani has been practicing medicine for the past 15 years.  Currently he is Medical Director of the Hospitalist program at Lompoc Valley Medical Center. Dr. Nooristani is an entrepreneur and has been involved in many projects including Non-profits. He has established multiple Free Health Clinics for uninsured and underserved locally as well as has done international work.

In preparation for his fight coming up with Aaron Carter, Lamar Odom has been drinking Balance 7. Millions of people around the world and athletes like Lamar Odom use Balance 7 to improve their energy level, increase memory, improve their body’s immune system, and put an extra spring in their step. Because of Lamar Odom’s hardship in 2015, he suffers from terrible memory loss and muscle weakness, but Balance 7 has been a game changer for his overall health and memory. Balance 7 is a great supplement for athletes because it can reduce inflammation, and it helps the body sustain physical activity for longer periods of time at higher workloads. Lamar Odom swears by Balance 7 as it “helped [him] get back in shape and increased [his] energy levels.” 

Balance 7 is also great for anyone looking to maintain that balance due to busy workdays, personal life and all our day to day tactics. Youtubers, new moms, and busy students use Balance 7 to detox their body and stay energized throughout the day. When the body’s pH is imbalanced due to stress, lack of sleep, and over consumption of acidic food (such as sugar, processed foods and alcohol), our bodies have to take valuable minerals away from other organs, bones, and tissues. With Balance 7, the body is given a boost of alkalinity to reduce acid buildup. Balance 7 promotes the body’s own ability to protect itself from diseases, viruses, and fungi; aids digestion, increases memory, and boosts energy levels. More information on Balance 7 is available on its official website and you can order your first bottle from there. Most people find that within 72 hours they begin to have more energy, greater clarity of thought, and feel healthier overall!