Beauty Blogger and Internet Sensation Alva Jay Unveils the Secrets to Get a Perfect Beach Body


Ever thought of having a perfect beach body? Well, that’s on everyone’s bucket list. However, to get that toned physique is not a cakewalk as it requires serious dedication and perseverance. Setting an example with her hot-toned body, beauty blogger Alva Jay has gained everyone’s attention. While many see her chiselled physique on social media but not everyone is aware of her struggle to achieve her fitness level. Her sultry and bold pictures have often made everyone’s jaws dropped.  

With having her presence on almost every social media platform, Alva Jay has rightly established herself as a household name over the web. Giving an insight into her fat to fit transformation, the beauty blogger spills some beans on how to achieve a perfect beach body. Take some cues from the ravishing diva as she reveals how women can maintain their physique over the years.

1 Always stay hydrated

The first and foremost thing that is common is drinking lots of water. “When you hydrate yourself enough, you burn fat, build muscle and keep your body functioning from the head to the toe”, says Alva. She further revealed that water removes the toxins and detoxifies the body. Not just this, drinking water in abundance also promotes the glowing of the skin and proper blood circulation in the human body.

2 Say no to carbs

One of the key aspects of achieving a fitness goal is to understand the right kind of nutrition. For getting a beach body, Alva suggests that carbs should be replaced by protein. The intake of carbs encourages the deposition of fats in the body, whereas cutting carbs and replacing them with protein helps in building muscles. “It is all about what you eat, and that is what reflects externally”, said the blogger. 

3 Stay dedicated to your plan

It is truly said that a plan becomes a goal when one works for it. In fitness, the lines are apt. Changing your lifestyle for health and fitness is always a win-win situation for the human body. Cravings like sweets, aerated drinks and sugar are some of the biggest reasons why people fail to stay dedicated to their plan. Speaking about the same, Alva stated, “When you know what is better for your body and not for your tongue, you gradually start seeing the results.”

4 Focus on High-Intensity Interval Training

Popularly known as HIIT, Alva Jay loves this kind of workout. According to her, HIIT is a workout routine with specific exercises followed by a short rest. Alva further explained that one can do 45 seconds of jumping and then take the rest of 20 seconds. She believes that the best part about HIIT is that one need not put hours of training like the gym, and the results after High-Intensity Interval Training are pretty evident after doing it regularly. 

5 Take proper sleep

The fundamental aspect to get a perfect body lies in getting enough sleep. When you take adequate sleep, the stress levels go down, and you get energized to work more. A minimum of 8 hours of sleep is required for the human body to get the muscles recovered from the pain. While concluding, Alva Jay explained that a proper sleeping pattern is an ultimate secret for anyone to get glowing skin as it also boosts in achieving the desired beach body.

What are your thoughts? Are you planning to get the beach body? Follow the simple rules suggested by the sizzling diva and witness the change within yourself.