Become a Diamond and Join the Duck Investments Pond


How to Create a Diamond:

To create a diamond, you need two things: extreme heat and immense pressure. Otherwise, you may find yourself looking at a zirconium, a mineral that looks like a diamond, but has a significantly different make-up and value to a diamond. This distinction serves as a reminder that to be successful, it is paramount to go through a process of development. For Jake and Dan, the two founders of Duck Investments, their process is what made them into diamonds.

Sports betting will be a multi-billion dollar industry:

Few people realize that sports betting can be used as an alternative income stream. With the impending mass legalization of sports betting, this industry is poised to be a multi billion dollar industry in just a few years. Investment firm Morgan Stanley predicts the U.S. sports betting market will generate between 2.5 billion and 7 billion in revenue by 2025. With the promise of value in this high growth market — investors should not only look at sports betting as an investment opportunity, but as an investment vehicle that can generate compounded cash flow. Ultimately, this is where the team behind Duck Investments saw their opportunity and ran with it. 

Strive to be the best:

With over 15 years of sports consulting experience between Dan and Jake, the Duck Investments team strives to be the best. “We love what we get to do each day and we have an obsession to build our brand.” Ever since Duck Investments launched three years ago; the brand has spread like a wildfire. “When we started, we only had 10,000 followers, but in less than a year. We accumulated over 60,000 followers and over 3,000 winning clients. Not to mention our community continues to grow!” 

Join our Pond:

The Duck Investments team cultivates a community that feels like family. They refer to their community as their pond and welcome a whole gamut of new members regardless of skill level.