Boob Skincare 101: Know More About the Self-Care Ritual That Is NOW Going Viral on Social Media! Step-by-Step All-Day Routine That You MUST Try for Soft & Supple Breasts


Boob skincare? Does it sound fun to you? Well, it is probably one of the best self-care rituals that you have deprived your breast of! The talk about boob skincare is stirred once again, all thanks to TikTok. Butt and boob skin remains the most ignored parts of the body and now that more and more beauty influencers are talking about it, let us do too. Boob skin is said to slightly different from the skin on the rest of our body. Therefore it requires care and love accordingly. BUT the fundamentals remain the same- cleaning, toning, moisturising and protection from the sun. to prevent wrinkles, pigmentation, Your boob area is prone to sweat, dryness and itchiness because of being trapped all day BUT you can still rescue it with just the right skincare routine. We have a basic skincare routine for your boobs that you can try. What Happens When You Stop Wearing a Bra? From Stretch Marks to Sagging Breasts, Horrible Side Effects of Going Braless!


In the morning you must use a gentle cleanser to get rid of the dead skin, sweat, dirt, and tanning. If you do not want to use the products off the market, you can go for raw milk or lemon juice at home instead.


Toning, after cleansing, removes the extra oil collected on the skin. Toning makes the skin shinier and clearer. Again, go for the toners for sensitive skin

Boob Masks & Serums

Boob masks are a rage these days, you can choose the ones laced with papaya enzymes or vitamin C serums. Applying the serum after skin toning is an important part of the routine. For healthy skin, after cleansing and toning the boobs, apply a serum. This keeps your skin hydrated throughout the day, especially if you have dry skin. Applying serum makes the skin glowy. Boob masks and serums are said to contain humectants that help keep the area supple.


After serum, moisturise the boobs very well. It is very important to moisturise the skin to retain its suppleness. This keeps the skin soft and glowing. Apply the moisturiser on the entire body along with the face. Many skin problems can be overcome by applying moisturiser.

Sunscreen is a Must

While cleansing and nourishing are very important. Do not forget to apply sunscreen to the boob area that is exposed, especially your cleavage. Most people just apply sunblock to their skin but it is equally important to protect your breast area. Whenever you go out in the sun, do apply sunscreen even during winters.

Boob Skincare (Watch Video): 

What you should keep in mind before trying out any kind of skincare routine is that your breast skin is too thin and sensitive so you must avoid exfoliating with ingredients like coffee powder etc., instead go for natural ingredients for a gentle exfoliation like fruit pulp, vitamins C/ E, etc.

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