Brand new Ferrari 812 GTS goes swimming in Italy’s Lake of Garda


Cars are meant for roads, not water. But, this brand new Ferrari 812 GTS ended up swimming in Italy’s lake of Garda. Well, not literally swimming, but the car rolled into the lake due to the mistake of the driver, as reported by Formula Passion.

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While this may be quite easy for most of the cars, especially the ones with traditional handbrakes than the electronic ones. However, the case is not so simple to leave a Ferrari 812 GTS in neutral without an emergency brake.

For Ferrari 812 GTS, the driver needs to pull both the paddle shifters to engage neutral but after letting off the brake, the car automatically engages the Park Lock in an attempt to prevent moving. If someone wants to leave the car in neutral without engaging the handbrake, they need to activate Carwash mode, which engages neutral, switches off the vehicle, and turns on accessory mode within three seconds.

This is quite a complex process considering the conventional method. It is not clear if the driver of the Ferrari 812 GTS did the same. However, whatever the cause was, the Ferrari slipped into the river and ended up into around a foot of water.

The extent of the damage to the vehicle is not known, but the car was towed out of the water.