Breaking Through Into The Industry, Ali Siam of Siam Sports Management Shares His Path To Becoming an NFL Agent


NFL agent Ali Siam is not like other sports agents, his passion is in helping people build their lives, not making a big paycheck for himself. Siam works with established professional NFL players and college athletes looking to jump into the big leagues.  He is not a flashy, impersonal agent that just signs a contract and does not know one athlete from another, Siam is a dedicated professional who gives his clients more than simply a paper contract. 

The ability to see people for people, and not only the monetary value they represent has served Siam well. He grew up involved in competitive sports, with a love for hockey. When the hockey rinks near his house closed, he took up golf.  Golf helped get Siam through college at the University of Southern California and was where he started establishing a vast network of professional connections. He went on to play as a semi professional, and to earn an MBA from Pepperdine University. 

After putting in some time with his family businesses, Siam knew he wanted to work in the professional sports arena, however, his future was not as a professional athlete, it was in helping athletes make the most of their opportunities. Eventually, he became a professional NFL agent, working to help take prospective NFL athletes and guide them into a successful sports career. As he explains it, the struggle to get his first client in a cutthroat industry was enough to make him give up, but he was persistent in his approach, leading him to his current level of success. 

Siam was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He is the son of Iranian immigrants and credits them for instilling in him a deep value for hard work, people skills, respect, and integrity.  “This is how I was raised, you treat people the same no matter what, to see people as people, not a dollar sign.”

As a single father, Siam knows what it means to be responsible for making hard decisions, and his players are more like family members than clients. Siam stands by players for the long term, regardless of what that means. He has been there through injuries, and personal tragedies, supporting them all the way through recovery and beyond. Siam will “literally do anything for clients” and returns calls in ten minutes every time they need him, no matter what time of day or night it is.