Brembo to bring light-up LED brake calipers, colours can be controlled remotely


Global braking technology major and manufacturer Brembo has come up with a new concept christened as G Sessanta caliper. The brake calipers in this concept technology light up whenever being used. Also, the user can control the colours of the illumination from a dedicated smartphone app.

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Brembo has revealed an official video showing the G Sessanta brake caliper concept fitted on a motorcycle. The automobile component manufacturer has applied the G Sessanta caliper concept to automotive applications as well in order to test its eligibility to use in real-life conditions.

In terms of design, the Brembo G Sessanta brake caliper concept takes styling inspiration from the company’s first brake caliper produced back in 1972. Also, the company claims that the shape of the G Sessanta is Brembo’s vision for calipers of the future.

The illuminated LED fitted G Sessanta brake caliper appears like a perfect match with Brembo’s mirror-finish Greentive rotors as the light would bounce off of them. Brembo claimed that the discs lasted longer than traditional ones while showing them last year. A Brembo logo appears on it when the surface is worn down enough. It comes as a way to advise people that it was time to swap them out.

While the Brembo G Sessanta light-up brake caliper concept certainly comes as a cool feature once applied to any automobile, it appears weird at the same time.

As the brake manufacturer claims, the illuminated calipers can have two major applications. These brake calipers come looking cool aesthetically. This will certainly draw the attention of the people while riding at night, as it will create a rainbow of colours.

Apart from that, the LED lights could be a way for the brakes to communicate with a driver or rider. Imagine how useful it could be to see a red LED light flashing to advise the rider or driver to change the brake pads. Also, these can function as additional brake lights to make the vehicle more visible when slowing down in dark.

The brake manufacturer has been working on more stylish calipers for quite some time.