Bridgerton Star Phoebe Dynevor Opens Up About Intimate Scenes With Rege-Jean Page For the Netflix Show


Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor recently opened up about the importance of the much-discussed intimate scenes between her and Rege-Jean Page’s characters in Netflix’s popular series. According to People magazine, the first season of the steamy period drama focused on the relationship between Dynevor’s character Daphne Bridgerton and Page as Simon Bassett. When asked about how she relates to her character during a recent Deadline panel, Dynevor pointed to the traits she admires in Daphne. Bridgerton Season 2: Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley’s First Look From the Sets of the Netflix Show Out as Shoot Begins.

“There are a lot of differences between me and Daphne but I think she values family, which I also value, and at a time when women had only one option, she was as determined to make that happen as I am in my career I guess, and I think that was sort of my way into Daphne,” the 26-year-old English actor said. “I admired her more because she made it happen but she called the shots, and she also found love. Bridgerton Season 2: Rege-Jean Page Not Returning to the Popular Netflix Show Leaving Fans Disheartened.

Their sexual evolution was very important to the storyline and something me, [showrunner Chris Van Dusen], Rege and everyone involved really wanted to tell truthfully and in a way that was safe for everyone,” the actor continued.

As reported by People magazine, earlier this year, the intimacy coordinator for the show, Lizzy Talbot, talked about filming the scenes depicting Daphne and Simon’s ‘sexual evolution,’ revealing that it was not as seamless as it seems onscreen.

In a conversation with Insider, Talbot said it “was a bit of an intimacy circus” to film the scenes where the newlyweds go for a days-long romp around his rural estate. She told the outlet with a laugh, “There is so much going on there. We were in loads of different locations all over the country. We were inside, outside, up ladders; we were everywhere!”

The rain added an extra hurdle for the filming crew, and as a result of the weather and other challenges, the three-minute montage scene took months to nail down, according to Insider. “We were working in the dry and in the rain, on flagstone floors and up against walls and in Regency beds,” Talbot said.

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