Carmakers urge people to stay indoors amid Covid surge


As lockdown-like restrictions have returned in India amid a massive surge of Covid-19 cases, carmakers in India are back to offering help in the fight to break the chain. Besides offering financial aid, transport oxygen cylinders or even producing oxygen to mitigate crisis, carmakers are also actively promoting safety guidelines for their customers on social media.

Urging people to stay home at this hour of crisis, several carmakers have taken to social media to spread their messages. Most of these messages on social media has one broad advice: stay home, stay safe.

Hyundai India shared a list of things one can do at home while spreading the message ‘Let’s stay put and come back stronger’. Jeep India also advised people to stay home and said, “It’s the best thing to do at the moment. Please stay home and stay safe.” Similarly BMW India shared a message on social media platform urging people to “Make the world safer for yourself and your loved ones by staying indoors.”

Mercedes Benz India also urged everyone to stay home unless going out becomes absolutely necessary. It said, “The road isn’t going anywhere. Please stay home for now, and venture out only if essential.” And in case someone needs to venture out amid the ongoing crisis, Audi India advises to maintain all Covid protocols and said, “A little distance today, can make for a better future. Let’s come together to follow all safety protocols.” Audi’s message was shared with a video animation of its four-ring logo depicting the meaning of social distancing.