Cassady Cayne: Journeying Into The ‘Impossible’


“The Girl Next Door Spiritual Intuitive”: Cassady Cayne’s Transformation From Down And Out, To Leading Personal Development Coach. And, Her Quest to Open People’s Eyes To Higher Potential And Go Beyond The Norm. 

Where most of us are busy searching for our dream come true, Cassady Cayne is amongst the lucky ones who at a young age has been fortunate enough to experience this, and it set her off on a journey of sharing her experienced wisdom with the world to help others do the same. 

After a sudden spiritual awakening that turned her world upside down, Cayne began a journey of inner exploration that led her halfway across the planet and into a life beyond what she had ever expected. It became the start of a path of teaching others the art of transformation, and it was something no one around her would ever have expected to happen.

The reason? Growing up in an Atheist, working class family in Northern Europe, spirituality was a foreign subject in Cayne’s until a sudden downturn during the last recession. At the age of 21, fresh out of college, she lost her job, her apartment, and her pride – having to move back in with her parents. During this time, with no outer prospects and no option but to go within, she experienced a “dark night of the soul” and subsequent spiritual awakening.

Latent intuitive gifts began making themselves known – which Cayne describes as a disruptive experience after a lifetime of believing the world to be “cold hard facts” and growing up with the message that there was no higher power, “nothing out there”.

With nothing else to do in an economy in disarray, Cayne was opened to new inner experiences and spiritual shifts working their way into her life. Step by step, she began navigating out of early life limitations, and within a few years ended up in a place neither she nor anyone around her would ever have expected. 

After Cayne launched her blog in 2015, sharing her experience, work, and inspirational writing, she has gone on to reach clients worldwide and over a million readers. She is now a renowned author, influencer and personal development coach.

Cayne credits her transformation to following her intuition, the “soul’s voice”, and claims we all can experience the joy we long for, if we do the same.

Her debut book “The Universe Speaks, Are You Listening?” has since its release managed to grab the attention of the masses. Her book was published by Hay House/Penguin Random House in 2020, and within a year it has become one of the top books in the spirituality genre.

Having been featured in major media including Psychology Today, Entrepreneur, ABC, and more, Cayne recently spoke at the “You Can Heal Your Life Summit” alongside leading authors such as Dr. Deepak Chopra, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Dr. Joe Dispenza. At the end of 2020, she was featured in Yahoo Finance as one of  “11 Female Entrepreneurs Everyone Will Know In 2021” alongside Brene Brown, Sarah Blakley, and more.

To Cayne, these achievements are simply the end result of tapping into the guidance that is there within us all. Intuition. The deeper self. Her work focuses on empowering people to unlock their true potential, connect with their intuition and live with deeper fulfillment – based on the universal paradigm of opening to the soul.

Currently living in Los Angeles, having moved halfway across the world from her birthplace as the first member of her extended family, Cayne insists that her impressive achievements are mere examples of following intuition and tapping into deeper purpose – the soul. 

Awakening spiritually in adult life, Cayne is characteristically evasive of descriptions such as “guru”, “psychic” or “expert” – insisting that every person has deeper intuitive gifts and special abilities. Instead she prefers to call herself a “spiritual guide” or “girl next door intuitive” to describe her clear spiritual link, which has drawn countless people to her work.

With a background in academia and a physical world perspective, Cayne describes herself as being passionate about making sense of spirituality in a “real world” sense, growing up as a skeptic who then awakened.

Struggling with health issues, financial restrictions and not having particular advantages earlier in life, Cayne is eager to share not only how challenges can be overcome with time, but that transformation is not limited to a select kind of person. She believes it’s within reach to everyone. For this reason, a big part of her work involves no cost resources which she shares on her websites. 

Since her big break, Cayne has truly transformed her own world into a better place – changes she says, which would have seemed “impossible” to everyone around her growing up. Now, her work is centered around showing others how to do the same – to open to a higher state of fulfillment and soul led living.

She believes that her purpose in life in some way is to show people to not accept the “story” they may have been told about who they are and what they’re capable of. But to instead follow their inner voice and reach beyond. The free sessions can be booked with Cayne, on her official website for powerful audio activations, immersive energy journeys and transformation sessions.

This whole experience has taught her that belief is a key to how our lives turn out, or rather, disbelief is. Cayne shares that growing up, she was taught to dismiss so much as being out of reach – and as experience has now shown, it really wasn’t. So much more was possible than she’d been led to think. And it made her realize that so many other people were in the same boat. Therefore, Cayne is passionate about conveying that as she followed her intuition and the guidance hence received, bit by bit, the impossible became possible. 

Having witnessed what spiritual awakening and an expanded perspective did for her, Cayne is now working to help others find the light like she did in her time of challenge. As she explains, she is always on some level trying to convince her younger self and other people to open up to that bigger perspective. To reach beyond what limits have been artificially placed on them. 

With the advent of the worldwide pandemic and its effects, Cayne is trying to capture the essence of her transformation in an upcoming book. She feels that in the middle of chaos, people need to tap into their deeper faculties more than ever. And although the world is in disarray as it was during the last recession, now, her own world looks dramatically different. She hopes that this time can bring the seeds of transformation for others’ growth and fulfillment, just as she experienced – and this is what she is working to bring about. 

Cayne is presently a contributing author in the anthology “The Experts Cure: How Entrepreneurs Are Changing The World,” which just became a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller. Her chapter deals with identity, life path, and how to ask ourselves the “right questions” to unlock our higher potential.