Chris Evans Birthday Special: 5 Roles of the Avengers Actor That Are Polar Opposite to Being Captain America (LatestLY Exclusive)


The vibranium shield may have been passed onto Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson, but for many, Steve Rogers is THE Captain America. And with that role, Chris Evans entered the hearts of superhero geeks in a phase that panned over several movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that begun with 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger and ended in 2019 with Avengers: EndgameChris Evans Birthday Special: 10 Insanely Good Looking Pictures of the Captain America Actor that Will Make you Ditch Your Boyfriend,

Unlike Robert Downey Jr whose Iron Man portrayal was more crowd-pleasing, it was difficult to earn that kind of audience-appreciation in a character that is way too straight. In short, being the least naughtiest boy in a class doesn’t make you popular, and yet Cap with his righteousness managed to build a strong fanbase and a lot has to do with Steve’s empathetic performance. He managed to bring an innocuous gumption and understatedness to a role that threatens to be flat, and makes it overall likeable.

And why am I praising Evans as a performer? Because he can do a terrific job when a roles comes that is in complete contrast of what Steve Rogers stood for – steadfast devotion, sense of duty towards humanity, self-righteousness, loyalty and friendship – basically every quality that makes you worthy enough to hold the Mjolnir.

So in this special feature, we look at five other roles played by the actor that would make Captain America shake his head in disapproval.

Johnny Storm / Human Torch  in Fantastic Four (and its Sequel)

Chris Evans in Fantastic Four

Of course, Captain America isn’t Evans’ first Marvel superhero, as that credit goes to this 2005 film. However, Johnny Storm is not at all like Steve Rogers. Johnny is narcissistic in nature, he is a playboy who is kinda creepy with the girls he hits on and he is a total prankster. Moreover, while he is in heroic in nature, Johnny is the first in his group to be totally happy with his surprise powers and likes to show off at every opportunity. Wolverine in 2005’s Fantastic Four: Did You Know Hugh Jackman Had a ‘Cameo’ in Jessica Alba and Chris Evans’ Superhero Film?

Captain Jake Jensen in The Losers

Chris Evans in The Losers

In The Losers, Evans works with his future Avengers: Endgame co-star Zoe Saldana (Gamora) but his role is very different from what he did in The Avengers. Some say he was miscast as the computer geek, who is the comic relief of the hero squad, as no one expect Evans to be Bruce Banner of any group (without the Hulk persona).

Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Chris Evans in Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Edgar Wright’s wonderfully underrated romantic sci-fi fantasy musical comedy is a quirky movie filled with quirkier characters. The movie follows Scott Pilgrim who falls for the feisty Ramona Flowers and has to compete with her seven exes in some bizarre fights to win her. Evans plays one such ex, Lucas Lee, an obnoxious Hollywood star who is also a skater. Being an haughty and vain Hollywood star doesn’t exactly make you Captain America! Captain America To Return to MCU? Chris Evans’ Cryptic Tweet Shoots Down Rumours of His Return to the Marvel Franchise!

Colin Shea in What’s Your Number?

Chris Evans in What’s Your Number?

In this grossout romcom that features an ensemble cast, Anna Faris plays a 30yo woman who decides to track her exes, and Chris Evans plays her neighbour and later her love interest. While he is the male lead, Evans is quite the shameless playboy, who loves one-night stands and a flirt. Nothing like Rogers, who has to wait for decades to get that dance! The movie also stars other future Marvel stars like Chris Pratt, Martin Freeman and Anthony Mackie.

Hugh Ransom Drysdale in Knives Out

Chris Evans in Knives Out

Remember how Cap hated someone even saying ‘Shit’? But in Rian Johnson’s delightful murder mystery, Hugh not only tells everyone, including his parents, to eat ‘Shit’, but he is also a manipulative, greedy good-for-nothing man, who is also a cold-blooded killer.

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