Clayton Wiliams: How His Amazon FBA Training And Coaching Helps Students Earn 7 Figures and Beyond


Helping many others get so much more out of their online sales by leveraging the power of Amazon FBA

Many ecommerce businesses in the recent years have increased their profit margins by leveraging Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) – both existing retailers and new sellers. FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon is a great channel for many individuals to find their business’ niche in digital sales and marketing on the Amazon Marketplace and other online channels. One young business owner has been beating a lot of other venturers who’s been in the game for a long time is Clayton Williams, a disciplined CEO looking to make a difference in the lives of many through guiding them on how to start a business on Amazon.

Based in Irvine, California, Clayton Williams is helping many others build massive stores within Amazon’s trillion dollar marketplace since 2020 through coaching and training. With Amazon Machines (, Clayton and his team are helping 1000+ new students get the tools, mentoring and coaching needed to earn 7 figures and beyond.

We all know that Amazon works directly and indirectly with third party sellers, but did you know that in 2020, around half of all sales in Amazon came from third party sellers and not directly from Amazon? On top of that, roughly around 2/3 of these sellers were, and still are, using the Amazon FBA platform. Currently, more than two million people across the globe are doing it, selling using the platform and earning so much more.

Amazon FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon is a platform for third-party sellers to automate their order fulfillment and shipping services. Put simply, sellers sell and Amazon ships. Any sellers enrolled in Amazon FBA let Amazon handle all shipping, including returns and refunds, including warehousing of their products, picking, packing and more. With this setup, it’s no surprise that many sellers easily build, manage, operate and earn so much from their business since the majority of the work in the selling and shipping process is done through the platform.

Amazon Machines, with their proven and tested training and coaching programs, has been rated the number 1 Amazon FBA Training and Coaching on the planet. With their uncommon and unique approach backed up by age-old business principles and value propositions, the team was able to effortlessly build and operate huge stores on Amazon’s trillion dollar marketplace.

It’s no secret that Amazon is a giant in the online retail and fulfillment space. Covid-19 and the resulting pandemic has only served to boost and expand the use of the Amazon platform, which has over 300 million active customer accounts across the globe. Amazon’s FBA program, like Amazon itself, is continuously evolving and changing to meet the needs of the ever changing and evolving consumer landscape and online retail environment. For those who are enrolled, this is both a blessing and a curse. While it can be easy to stay updated with the current market trends and demands, it can also be difficult to keep up with the constant updates and changes in the process, the guidelines and other aspects of the program. Thankfully, experts like Clayton Williams are here to help coach, train and guide all enrollees all throughout their journey.