Clubhouse ready to launch a Music Mode feature


Clubhouse has confirmed the launch of a brand new feature that is designed to help musicians and artists broadcasting on the platform. This new feature is known as Music Mode and, according to Clubhouse, it “optimises Clubhouse to broadcast your music with high quality and great stereo sound,”.

What does Clubhouse’s Music Mode do?

When broadcasting music, one simply cannot compromise on the sound quality. However, more often than not, the sound quality depends entirely on the platform that you are using and there’s not much you can do about the same. Clubhouse is seeking to help artists mitigate this challenge by introducing its new Music Mode which lets you control the broadcast sound quality and ensure your audience can enjoy your music properly. 

Artists can plug in their professional sound mixing equipment and USB mics to broadcast their music and use the equipment live. Tapping the three dots at the corner of the video box will let you select the sound quality. The option you must select from the drop-down menu is “Music”, and this will turn on Music Mode. Audience members can then listen to the music using their devices. 

Do keep in mind that this particular feature will roll out to iOS devices first, and then to Android devices. Clubhouse also recently launched its clips feature that lets you share 30-second clips of music. The platform is clearly striving to create a space for musicians. 

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