Coach Anna Stratiichuk Shares How the Brain’s Potential Is Related to the Rate of Growth in Work and Life


The human brain is a powerful computer. Until now, it has not been studied to the full, but it is already quite clear. We are at a stage of the planet’s evolution when it is essential to learn how to control your mind. Otherwise, it will be controlled by different circumstances and is going to be distracted.

Anna Stratiichuk, the author of 2 books, a certified coach and psychologist, who has devoted more than 13 years to the study of the brain, will share more about this topic. According to statistics, a person only uses 40-60% of the potential of their brain.

Imagine that your wildest dreams represent 100% of the potential of your mind. And what you have now is only a percentage of this figure.

What percentage is this in your case?

What do you need to add to reach life at 100% of Your Brain’s Potential?

Each of us periodically runs into a “ceiling” in our levels of life. In order to break through it, you need to shake your mind, think in a new way, look 3-dimensionally at the situation, and be extraordinary in your usual thoughts. That is why we often hire consultants who help us to move from one level to another. Of course, the lack of knowledge can be a limiting factor. But besides this, the inability to control your mind can also become a speed bump on the road to the top.

We can be a slave of our mind, or we can be its master. We can let the brain play games, or we can take control.

Quite often, people cannot think broadly while being in their own system. That is why they need someone from outside. For example, a professional coach such as Anna Stratiichuk. While working with her client, she is behind that person’s system and can become an excellent springboard for speeding up the work of the client’s mind.

By the way, a few words about the speed. According to statistics, many of us do not live at our maximum speed. This refers to the speed of thinking, making decisions, generating ideas, and speed of action. As with the potential of the brain, the speed of the brain can be higher.

What slows us down: a large amount of junk information, alcohol, drugs, lack of time for “free thoughts” (when you can sit and just think), frequent surfing on social networks, computer games, etc.

Which one is Slowing You Down?

Our brain is lazy. It likes to think the same thoughts, do the same things, send the same impulses and react to the same triggers (reaction trigger buttons). And only we can develop awareness not to get stuck at a particular financial or life level. We can take ourselves and raise ourselves higher. Willpower is here to help. It can be perfectly developed by asceticism and the practice of hardening the body and spirit for men. For women is meditation.

During our life, we ​​accumulate experience, and it’s not always wisdom and knowledge, but also fears, psychological blocks, negativity. These will block your growth.

If you are now in a situation where you are stuck at your level and do not know what else to do to rise to a higher level, then ask yourself three questions:

  1. What did I do to get into the situation I am in now?
  2. What new things do I need to think and do to get into the situation I want to be in?
  3. What/who can help me to get there?

There might be a time when you’ll need to give up some of your knowledge, skills, behaviour patterns. Even if it worked well in the past, it might not work at all in your desired future.

The answers to these questions will give you more understanding. In order to speed up the work of your mind and start using it to the maximum of its capabilities, contact Anna Stratiichuk for a coach session. She can show you how to do this and define exact steps with her special methodology. You can feel the difference with a single session!

Anna can provide consultations both in English and Russian.