Coconut water, ice collars, lighter kits


Teams bracing for a “difficult but not impossible” time as temperatures expected to rise to 40 degrees Celsius during the day

Coconut water, ice collars and vests, and more breaks. Those are just some of the ways in which Pakistan Super League (PSL) franchises will combat the extreme weather conditions the players are set to face in Abu Dhabi in June.

UAE has never hosted elite cricket at this time of year due to the summer heat, with nearly all high-level competitions played during the winter and spring months. But the lack of a more feasible window to play the remainder of the PSL’s games postponed from March meant there were few other choices.

With the forecast expected to rise to about 40 degrees Celsius during the day, most of the games will be played at night, when the weather is cooler. However, six double-headers are scheduled, which will mean day games starting by 5PM at the latest, when the mercury still hovers around 35 degrees Celsius most days. The night games, while lower in temperatures, will see increased humidity, somewhere between 50% and 65%.