Code 1 Maintenance is Giving Away a Free eBook on ‘How to Transition from the Military into a Dream Job in Civil Aviation—Or Anywhere’


Tucson, Arizona, April 23: Code 1 Maintenance, an aviation technical training provider, is pleased to announce the launch of their free ebook giveaway. The ebook will present the most critical factors that will offer aspiring aircraft maintenance technicians the greatest advantages of landing their civilian dream job.

The aviation industry is an extremely exciting and challenging sector to work in. It’s also very competitive. That’s why aspiring technicians need to ensure they know the options available to them. This will assist them in virtually guaranteeing they land the job that is right for them. That is the reason Jose Zaragoza recently wrote a new ebook entitled: How to Transition from the Military into a Dream Job in Civil Aviation—Or Anywhere.

Inside the ebook, How to Transition from the Military into a Dream Job in Civil Aviation—Or Anywhere, one can discover detailed information on how military personnel can open the doors to greater opportunities and significantly increase the hiring probability to a high-paying aviation career.

Aspiring professionals can utilize the simple military taught the method to emerge as the victor when competing for their dream job. They can also get access to important training and tools virtually from the comfort of their home. Further, accessing the free ebook means they will also understand the best practices to transition into the private sector and learn which high-paying jobs their military-equipped in-demand skills qualify them for.

Since 2018, Jose Zaragoza, Founder and CEO of Code 1 Maintenance has been helping more than 2,000 students obtain the certification they need to transition successfully out of the military and into the private sector. Code1 Maintenance takes great pride in partnering with military aircraft technicians and the private sector to offer guidance and courses helping technicians position themselves for in-demand jobs.

According to a Code 1 Maintenance company representative, their vision is: “Code 1 Maintenance will be the undisputed global leader for innovation and excellence in aerospace, aviation, and space education. Our online courses will be recognized as the best in online and distance learning using best practices to ensure the success of each student.”

With over 120 years of combined experience in aircraft maintenance, Code1 Maintenance ensures the most efficient, consolidated training for everyone’s ​General Radiotelephone Operator License (GROL), Foreign Object Elimination (FOE) Certificate, Airframe Powerplant (A&P) Certificate, and Radio Communication System Endorsement (RCS) licensing in the military, aircraft, and maintenance field.