Companies take Covid relief initiatives for employees

BENGALURU: Companies are taking several steps to support employees and their families in battling Covid-19. Wipro has said it will reimburse affected employees and family members if their treatment costs exceed the insurance coverage. CEO Thierry Delaporte wrote in a LinkedIn post that they would also offer extended time off to recover from the disease, or support family or friends, or prioritise mental health. He also wrote that the company has arranged “fully-funded Covid isolation centres in various cities.”
TOI had reported that HCL Technologies is offering a Rs 30 lakh insurance cover and an additional Rs 7 lakh employee deposit linked insurance cover to employees for Covid-19. In the event of an HCL employee’s unfortunate demise due to Covid, the families will get the full value of this cover, as also an amount equal to the one-year salary of the employee.
For Infosys, Covid-related medical treatments are covered under the group employee insurance. Infosys has set up employee Covid care centres in Pune and Bengaluru. These centres would be managed by Ruby Hall hospital for Pune, and Manipal Hospitals for Bengaluru. Employees who have contracted or recovering from Covid-19 are given 21 days of additional paid leave by the company.
Accenture said they have built several resources including 24/7 telemedicine services, care-at-home services, enhanced insurance coverage, virtual childcare, mental health support, and support for testing and vaccinations to support its over two lakh employees and their families in India. It has also created options for caregivers.
Cognizant is providing access to vaccines for all its employees and their dependents, medical support for Covid-19 positive associates and their immediate family members, paid leave for Covid care or recovery, and emergency financial support for junior staff in dire cases to help cover medical expenses.
Capgemini India has created a command centre that addresses the employees and their dependents’ medical emergencies and needs related to the availability of hospital beds, ICU, ventilators, ambulance service, blood plasma donors, oxygen concentrators, and medicine requests. It has initiated a project to provide oxygen concentrators for employees and their dependent family members affected by Covid-19. In case of financial needs, employees can avail salary advance.
Goldman Sachs is offering ten days of Covid-19 family leave to take care of pandemic-related disruptions. It is also providing a “Care for Others Day” off for its employees in India, to be used before the end of June.
Arvind Krishna, chairman & CEO of IBM, said the firm is supplementing medical coverage for employees.