Consumers Fall Prey To Fake Lpg Checking In Daltonganj, Auto News, ET Auto


 The duo also reportedly tells consumers that their LPG connection.
The duo also reportedly tells consumers that their LPG connection.

With fake inspection of gas connections and equipment increasing rapidly here, domestic LPG consumers are facing difficulties while getting their LPG cylinder installations checked.

Awadh Kumar Pandey, dealer of an HP gas agency here, said: “A middle-aged woman and a man, posing as gas agency staff, are visiting consumers at their home and charging them Rs 100 for a fake inspection process of LPG cylinder, stove, burner and regulator.”

“The duo also reportedly tells consumers that their LPG connection will be cut off if they don’t pay Rs 100 after their inspection. Many consumers have reportedly fell into the trap and obliged to the duo. We are receiving dozens of calls every day about this fraud.”

On being asked why the cheated consumers are not reporting the case to police, Pandey said, “Customers are probably apprehensive of unwanted harassment and don’t want to take legal step for just Rs 100. But our agency is losing its reputation in this mess.”

Many LPG gas agencies here have put up notices, asking consumers to be aware of such fraud. “We have told our delivery boys to make consumers aware about the fake inspection.”

Shivender Singh, a local resident, said: “A man and a woman came to my house last evening claiming to help me inspect my LPG cylinder in the kitchen. I refused and asked them to leave. They looked quite angry but I didn’t oblige to them.”

Nargis Bano, another Daltonganj resident, however, wasn’t lucky. She paid Rs 100 to the duo in the name of inspection service, she said.