Cormac Reynolds of Green Electric Scooters in Ireland Discusses Dublin’s Impending Transport Revolution


Electric scooters are all over Dublin, the city is awash with them. People are using them for commuting, traveling to college and just getting from A-B.

Cormac Reynolds is the co-founder of Green Electric Scooters, an electric scooter company in Ireland. After a trip to Israel in 2019, where electric scooters were everywhere, Cormac and his brother Cillian set up GES in 2020.

“Electric scooters are the main means of travelling around Tel Aviv”, he told me. “Most young people use electric scooters there, whether it’s their own or one of the rental electric scooters, they’re the main means of transport – fast, nimble and also green.” In light of this, he went about creating an electric scooter business to bring the technology to Ireland and is expecting to see the technology being made fully legal on Irish roads in the coming months.

We sat down to discuss with him why he sees the electric scooter creating a transport revolution on Irish roads and in Irish cities.

1. Portability

According to Cormac, portability is a big factor. “Electric scooters are very portable and can only be rivaled by folding bikes. Electric scooters are the most portable personal transport option. Many people are choosing assisted forms of transportation, too technical and cumbersome.

“Motorbikes and electric cars are great, but you need a license and insurance to use them. Traditional bikes are good too, but you have to chain them up before leaving them so they cannot be stolen. Pushbikes (bicycles) are not classified as portable because they are too large.”

“Electric scooters can be easily folded up and are light, which is why they are good when it comes to portability. It is easy to store them. You can carry an electric scooter on a Dublin bus, can place it in the luggage storage area of a Bus Eireann or even put it in the boot of a taxi. Because it can fit in your suitcase. You can then unfold it anytime you need it.”

2. Less noise pollution

It is hard to move around in silence in a city that has crowds. Most of the transportation modes being used in cities result in a lot of noise pollution. The most common means of transport in cities and towns are cars, buses, trains, and motorbikes, and they are all loud.

Unlike the above, electric scooters are quiet and you will still get from point A to B quickly. You are going to get home without having to wake up your neighbors, even if you have been working late and getting home in the middle of the night. If you use a motorcycle, there is a high chance most of them are going to be annoyed by the noise pollution.

3. Eco-friendly

It is hard to discuss electric scooters without mentioning how they are friendly to the environment. Climate change has become real and people are always looking for ways to take care of the environment. People are choosing products that are environmentally friendly, and this includes choosing transportation options that produce fewer emissions.In a world, where we all want to cut down on our carbon footprint, electric scooters make huge sense.

Green Electric Scooters is very hopeful the Irish government will change the legislation regarding these vehicles in the coming months and hopefully this will herald in a green transport evolution in Ireland’s urban areas. Currently, electric scooters can only be used on private property.

Electric scooters have become one of the best modes of transport that are good for the environment. They don’t emit any emissions and don’t need much electricity to charge.

4. Balance and Movement

We’re all so sedentary today. Many of our buyers are purchasing electric scooters to get to their workplaces and in many cases these jobs are sedentary.

Cormac mentions, “people today are living a sedentary lifestyle, which is not good for their health. This is because most of their work is sitting at the office for hours. They choose to take a train or drive to work. Modern communication has also meant people can easily socialize with each other without having to leave their homes.

“Movement is less necessary because of this lifestyle, and this has made people struggle with exercise. When you use an electric scooter, you are going to move for smaller journeys that you would normally use public means for.

“You still have to make time to work out, an electric scooter is not a replacement, Cormac tells me, however it is a help. When you use an electric scooter, the core is activated and this improves your natural balance. This is going to be far much better than sitting in a train or vehicle.”

5. Safety

Every form of transport comes with its own risks. When you compare electric scooters to other portable modes of transport, it’s still a safe option, as long as people act responsibly. Legislation will be a good thing in this regard, as there will be clear guidance on what’s allowed and what isn’t, thereby making things safer.

6. Flexibility and speed

According to Green Electric Scooters, these e-scooters use technology that allows a person to cover a lot of miles with minimal effort. You also get to take advantage of cycle lanes and paths which are free from traffic. This is going to benefit those who are living in a congested city like Dublin, where commuting times can be well over an hour for relatively short journeys from the suburbs.

This is why they are becoming more and more popular in most cities in Europe. Across the continent governments and local authorities are encouraging people to choose them instead of cars. Technological advances in battery power and other areas, makes them a logical choice.

7. Affordability

Electric scooters are also relatively affordable. Some of our basic models of electric scooter come in at under €500. When you take into account the price of fuel for a car or even public transport, it’s a bargain even if you only use it to commute a few days a week or even during the warmer months of the year. You’re saving time and money with an electric scooter.

When you choose an electric scooter, you are going to spend an initial cost and minimal battery charging costs. These are affordable. They are way cheaper to maintain when compared to other options such as a car. This makes them very economical.