Court case dismissed as Surrey member sues for 2020 lock-out


Loyalty of majority of members during Covid to be commemorated at Oval

Surrey have confirmed that a former club member attempted to take them to the small claims court for the value of their 2020 season membership.

With the Covid pandemic forcing the first-class counties to play behind closed doors last year, various schemes were put in place to compensate members. Surrey, for example, contacted their members to offer an opportunity to apply for a 25 percent refund, while junior membership was rolled into 2022. If they didn’t apply, the club retained the full amount. The club also said they were prepared to offer full refunds to members in need if they contacted them directly.

Anyone accepting a full refund, however, had to accept relinquishing their membership rights. And that included priority access to international tickets. The member who threatened legal action is understood to have been told they could have a full refund, but would also be refunded for the eight Test tickets they had bought.

The legal action came to nothing and the club say the former member would be welcome to re-join the club.

In a gesture of gratitude towards supporters, the names of all members of the club in 2020 will be recorded on the walls of Surrey’s new development at One Oval Square. Membership numbers are currently 13,500 – the highest in the club’s modern history – while their chief executive, Richard Gould, has described the redeveloped ground as offering “the best members’ facilities in world cricket”.