COVID-19 Care at Home: From How to Use Oxygen Cylinder to What Is Proning, All FAQs for Self-Care Coronavirus Patients Answered


The situation is gruesome and unavoidable. India is probably at its worst health crisis at the moment, and it’s all a massacre. The shortages of medical supplies and hospital beds left a serious mark on the nation’s act against the COVID-19 pandemic. Several patients who are experiencing a mild and severe case of novel coronavirus are looking for a way to protect themselves. Health experts have also suggested taking the help of oxygen cylinders, if needed, to enable them to breathe and boost their blood oxygen saturation levels to safe numbers. The country’s current health crisis is not going away anytime soon. As unfortunate as that is, we need to stay vigilant and arm ourselves with some knowledge when it comes to COVID-19 care at home. If you are someone who has been tested positive for COVID-19, or have some relatable symptoms, or taking care of a coronavirus patient at home, here we bring you all the frequently asked questions (FAQs) with its answers for self-care. The pointers are based on several health experts’ recommendations and other official services such as the Ministry of Health, WHO, CDC, AIIMS, and ICMR.

How to Take Care of Mild COVID-19 Cases?

A patient is having a mild COVID-19 when they have the upper respiratory tract symptoms and/ or fever without shortness of breath or hypoxia (shortage of adequate supply of oxygen at the tissue level). The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) suggests home isolation and care in the case of patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms.

What Are the Dos and Don’ts for Taking Care of COVID-19 Patients at Home?

If a patient is home quarantine, there are a few steps the individual and his/ her family members must follow. It is extremely important for all family members to wear a mask all the time in the house. The COVID-19 patient’s clothes must be washed separately, but first soaked in disinfectant. In case there is no provision for a separate washroom, a common washroom must be disinfectant all the time. In addition, the patient must completely isolate him/ her and assure that no one enters the room, as it is proven to be more of an airborne disease than a contract-based disease. Keep washing and sanitizing your hands frequently.

COVID-19 Home Caregivers Dos & Don’ts by WHO:

How to Use Oxygen Cylinders for COVID-19 Patients at Home?

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has hit the world, oximeters have become a necessity for every household. Several patients who are experiencing a severe case of the novel coronavirus are looking for a way to protect themselves. Breathlessness is one of the tell-tale signs that a person is infected with coronavirus, and health experts are urging people to keep an oxygen cylinder at home to save time. But how to use one? Dr. Kamna Kakkar on Twitter has offered a few tips surrounding the appropriate use of oxygen cylinders at home. Check the Twitter thread below.

Tips to Use Oxygen Cylinders at Home

Use Proper Size Mask

Keep an Eye on the Patient

Prone Positioning

What NOT to Do

What is Proning? How it’s Done?

The Union Health Ministry has advised ‘proning for self-care’ for COVID-19 patients, stating that it is extremely beneficial for patients with compromised breathing comfort, especially during home isolation. The ministry noted that proning is the process of turning a patient with precise, safe motions, from their back onto their abdomen so that the individual is lying face down. They tweeted with images and pamphlets displaying how it is done.

Proning for Self-Care

It is important to stay aware of the patient’s condition and prepare for any kind of medical emergency. While you take care of the patient, note that you keep a track of your own health too. It is a challenging time, but we need to keep ourselves keep and stay informed as much as possible. In addition, stay connected to others through texts, phone calls, or videoconferences.

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