COVID-19 Vaccine for Animals: Russia Begins Vaccinating Pets Against Coronavirus With Carnivac-Cov Vaccine


Moscow, May 27: In a major development, Russia has started vaccinating animals against COVID-19. A report by BBC quoted Russia’s veterinary watchdog, Rosselkhoznadzor saying that several regions across Russia have now started vaccinations at veterinary clinics. The world’s first coronavirus vaccine for animals named Carnivac-Cov is now being used to vaccinate pets against the COVID-19 virus. The period of immunity after a Carnivac-Cov jab is an estimated six months, reports said. Russia Records 8,373 New COVID-19 Cases.

Earlier, the agriculture oversight agency Rosselkhoznadzor said in a statement that the vaccine called Carnivac-Cov had been tested since October on dogs, cats, mink, foxes and other animals and was proven to be effective. Konstantin Savenkov, deputy head of Rosselkhoznadzor was quoted in reports saying that all test animals that were vaccinated developed antibodies to coronavirus in 100 percent of cases. “It is the world’s first and only product for preventing Covid-19 in animals,” he added. Can Pets Like Dogs and Cats Spread COVID-19 to People? Here’s What Experts Say on Transmission of Coronavirus From Animals to Humans.

Rosselkhoznadzor said the development of its shot would help prevent mutations in animals and cited Denmark’s decision to cull 15 million mink last year after some were found to be carrying a mutated virus variant. According to a report by BBC, interest has been shown in the Carnivac-Cov COVID-19 vaccine for animals by the EU, Argentina South Korea and Japan. However, scientists say there is currently no evidence that animals play a significant role in spreading the disease to humans, infections have been confirmed in various species worldwide.

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