Covid care: Companies roll out wellbeing allowances

BENGALURU: Companies are rolling out wellbeing allowances for their employees to deal with expenses related to the Covid-19 pandemic. Some are also supporting them with extended work-from-home benefits and creating dashboards for verified Covid-19 related information.
Salesforce India is giving Rs 15,000 as a one-time payout to go towards any Covid-related expenses, sources told TOI. To ensure that employees have what they need to continue working from home, Salesforce is offering $250 for office tools and equipment, in addition to the $250 provided last year. To support working parents, it has expanded its family care leave, making them eligible for six weeks of paid time off.

VMware, which has nearly 11,000 employees in India, has rolled out a wellbeing allowance of Rs 29,565. Employees can use the amount to also pay to vaccinate themselves and their family members.
Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance said in case of home quarantine for its employees, the cost incurred can be reimbursed on actuals up to Rs 20,000 per employee through their existing mediclaim policy. In case of a need for hospitalisation, the company will help with faster admission and claim assistance.

Rating agency Crisil said employees can avail 50% of annual advance bonus payment in the May salary, as also take emergency salary advance of up to 6 months of fixed-pay portion (interest free) towards Covid-19 medical and allied expenses. The company will also reimburse Covid-19 treatment expenses not covered by medical insurance.
Rajeev Bhardwaj, CHRO of Asia service centres in Sun Life, said they are giving a one-time wellness payout of Rs 10,000 to all employees. “In addition, we have worked with our insurance partner to provide reimbursement of a part of home care expenses for our employees or their families.”
Twitter India is reimbursing employees for their home office set up expenses. It is also reimbursing additional expenses parents may be experiencing because their normal daycare has closed due to the pandemic.
Target India is offering additional paid sick leave, time off and family care resources. It is providing infrastructure consideration allowances in March and June to purchase anything needed to work from home comfortably, such as office equipment, internet connections, power back-up. No bills are needed and anything purchased belongs to employees. It has also limited its business hours to give team members flexibility and space to focus on themselves and their families.
IBM in India is providing additional insurance coverage for each insured employee and their covered dependents (spouse & children) for up to Rs 5 lakh per member covered. It is also in the process of procuring 500 oxygen concentrators to support IBMers and their families.
Accenture recently introduced a plasma donor repository developed by its staff which matches its people who are eligible and willing to donate convalescent plasma with their Accenture colleagues and their families who need it.