Curating The Ultimate Life With Trudi Pavlovsky – The ‘Happiness Technician’


Trudi Pavlovsky aka “The Happiness Technician” helps humans get realigned to their truth which then helps to drive performance which brings her clients high level goals to reality.

She believes in purpose-driven living, and this starts with removing shame and judgment from the past and having a solid foundation from which to launch from.

Trudi is all about giving you the tools, facetime and bespoke mentoring to shape your life the way you’d like it to look. She does this by busting mindset barriers, rewriting old stories and paving glittered paths towards happiness and success.

“No dream is too big or too small to not be honoured, as you move forward seeking and crafting the life of joy and happiness you desire.”

She helps you understand the power within that you have always had, gives you unlimited support to grow your joy, helps you hone your ability to attract your ideal results, and increases your mental and emotional capacity.

You need to work with Trudi If you are you are ready to:

  • Change your life and aim higher than your comfort zone.
  • Feel better but don’t know how to take the first step forward.
  • Take consistent action and manifest all your desire in life and in business.

Trudi is an established life coach, NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, and an Internationally Accredited Results and Performance Coach.

You can draw on her experiences in NLP, Reiki, Performance Coaching, Hypnosis,

Executive Presentation Training and Experiential Game Creation to design unique and immersive experiences for your transformation to be lasting and true to YOU.

Trudi has spent the last 12 years helping people to learn and grow through engaging content and coaching to get your life sparkling without the stress.

Clients include business startups, elite level equestrian riders / trainers, and leaders aiming to further progress their careers to the next level.