Cyclone Yaas: Eden Gardens to Provide Shelter to Kolkata Maidan Clubs’ Ground Staff


Kolkata, May 24: The space under the Eden Gardens’ galleries will be used as a makeshift shelter arrangement for the ground staff of Kolkata Maidan clubs when the approaching cyclone Yaas strikes the city, Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB) said on Monday.

Yaas, which is classified as a very severe cyclonic storm, is predicted to hit Kolkata on Wednesday evening with wind speed of 150kph-plus. The makeshift arrangement will also have provision for food. “There are many sports clubs and institutions which have their tents in the Maidan which could be vulnerable and prone to high risk due to the cyclonic activity.

“Therefore as a precautionary measure, the CAB has decided to make a shelter arrangement along with provision for food and other amenities in the under galleries of Eden Gardens from Tuesday evening to Thursday morning,” CAB president Avishek Dalmiya said in a statement. Cyclone Yaas Day-Wise Forecast: Tropical Cyclone To Cross Odisha-West Bengal Coasts Between Paradip and Sagar Islands Around May 26; Check Cyclone Path, Wind Speed and Intensity.

The clubs wanting to evacuate their ground staff have been asked to contact the CAB joint secretary, Debabrata Das. “The facility would be offered to other sports associations too,” it added.

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