Daihatsu Taft Little D appears to be on steroid with inspiration from Land Rover


Japanese automotive body kit manufacturer DAMD has transformed a standard Daihatsu Taft into a tiny, boxy but capable-looking off-roader, with inspiration from Land Rover Defender. Christened as Little D, the Daihatsu Taft has received a host of changes through several modified body kits.

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The major updates are visible through the new front grille, bumper, and hood cover that have been inspired by the iconic British off-roader. The Little D lettering is spelled out across the edge of the hood, in a similar fashion as Land Rover brands its SUVs. Also, there is an oval-shaped green badge that evokes the Land Rover vibe.

The green paint theme, black lower body cladding, chunky bumper add zing to the little SUV. DAMD has added a decal at the side profile, showing the British Union Jack and a message saying ‘Adventure of a Lifetime.’

On the roof of the SUV, there is a roof rack that comes with wooden accents. This adds zing to the car. Inside the cabin too, DAMD has introduced several modifications. It gets green plaid fabric on the seats with black vinyl edges for the chairs. Apart from that, the Gray and Royal Red colour option too is available.

DAMD is also offering a similar 80’s kit for the Daihatsu Taft that comes with inspiration from old 1980’s era Toyota trucks and pickups. This kit includes a new front grille, bumper, and hood cover that looks similar to the 60 and 70 series generations of the Toyota Land Cruiser.