Daniel Suckling: Building A Consulting Empire After Closing A Million Dollar Online Fitness Business : Reports


From working at a 9 to 5 job to closing a million dollar online fitness business just to end up building his own consulting empire

At age 24, Daniel Suckling started his online fitness business helping women, most particularly mothers, regain and rediscover self-love within themselves through his fitness programs. He built his online fitness business after the passing of his mother and started venturing his enterprise into his mother’s group. Daniel was very keen and very eager to learn about the mechanics and psychology in building a successful online fitness business at first.  However, just shortly after going live inside Super Mums Elite, he decided to shut down the business overnight which cancelled over 225 members losing and sacrificing a $10,000 recurring revenue per week.

Still driven to reach his goals and make something for himself, Daniel Suckling took what was left of his savings in his bank account and took a bet and invested $60,000 in building his new business venture Cash Clock Academy. This new consulting empire was designed to show and help other fitness coaches how to build wildly profitable online fitness businesses. In its first six months of business, Cash Clock Academy turned over and generated over $500,000 in revenue. Now, the company is continuously growing. More than this sweet success, Daniel Suckling is just happy doing what he is very passionate about, creating waves in the fitness industry as shown by the dramatically high success rate of their clients compared to most masterminds in their industry.

Daniel Suckling would like to be known by many as not just another “business coach for fit pros”. Daniel prefers to be referred to as someone who has invested a lot of money (over $200,000) in building his own online fitness business growing his revenue to 7 figures and is now teaching others how to do the same after being in the trenches for 6 years trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. With his immense success, Daniel has earned the pride in being perceived as someone who is REAL and CREDIBLE in this industry among many acclaimed and glorified mentors who are mentoring from a place of theory without building a successful online business of their own.

All of his success in his business and his craft are the results of realizing a clear vision and reason of wanting to pursue the online fitness space inspired by the passing of his mother. Daniel Suckling’s mother was his biggest inspiration and motivation after all. Separating himself from the rest of the competition rather than marketing the same way as they are, he was able to advertise his business and his brand differently making it easy for him to achieve all of the accomplishments and success he has attained.

According to Daniel Suckling, the moment you think you know it all is the moment you lose. Always be a student of markets and a student of people. You should always be investing in yourself and your business, because there is always something new to learn.