Darick Anderson Jr Pushes the Limits of Conventional Thinking With His Own Vision for Success


“There’s a difference between vision and sight” says 23 year old entrepreneur, Darick Anderson Jr, who has found success in business with the philosophy that when your dreams become your vision, it’s okay if no one else can see it – as long as you believe in it, it can become your reality. Darick started off playing College Basketball with the hopes of making it to the big leagues until his path to prosperity was redirected. Where others couldn’t understand Darick’s decision to leave what he knew behind, Darick traversed into the unknown, guided by his vision of sharing the ability to create financial freedom with others.

Darick grew up in Chicago, Illinois, and graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at the age of 22. Growing up and seeing his parents and family around him working hard through long hours spurred the shift in Darick’s mindset from employment to entrepreneurship.

“Seeing my surroundings and seeing my parents working, working, working, even at an older age, still having to get up early and provide, made me realize that entrepreneurship was definitely the route I wanted to take to give me the freedom to create my own schedule and my own income. Social media also played a big part in that, just seeing how people are living at younger ages and how they’ve been able to break the traditional way of thinking,” says Darick.

Darick was playing college basketball with a full scholarship when Divine Intervention put these plans on hold, as Darick required knee and stomach surgery due to an injury. Having been a basketball player his whole life, Darick took some time to regroup, and although his path had been altered, his vision remained crystal clear. With his progressive way of thinking, Darick seized another opportunity to forge his path to financial independence.

“A very close friend of mine introduced me to investing and network marketing, but it took me actually having knee surgery in March of 2019, to realize that I needed to take this opportunity. When I lost the ability to continue to pursue basketball, I wasn’t the same person anymore – I knew I would have to start doing things differently and entrepreneurship was the best way to go about it,” says Darick. 

Darick has now created a business called Forever A Millionaire, or FAM short for family, where he’s able to bring the knowledge and resources required to trade in the financial markets to the masses.

‘I created the name FAM for my business because I’m big on that family dynamic. My team is created around like-minded individuals who are able to express gratitude and work hard towards a common goal. A lot of people aren’t aware of the time freedom that this side of entrepreneurship can bring them. So my objective is really to expose and give the masses the understanding of what’s really going on, especially in my community and individuals of my race, just to make it prevalent and well known that there’s another way to get what we’re trying to accomplish, outside of the conventional ways,” says Darick. 

Darick has had to push himself hard and be willing to take risks in order to achieve the level of success he has found today. A pivotal moment in his journey was the decision to give up basketball after his surgery. Despite a ray of hope for recovery and that he may be able to play basketball again, Darick had already set his sights on his new goals in business and he knew it was time to go all in. Others criticized his choices, but Darick remained strong willed.

“I did start playing basketball again after my surgery, but at that point I had really started taking the business a little more seriously because of how many individuals were being impacted by my organization. In September of 2019, my friend said to me: ‘if you get to this next level within your business by this day, I dare you to quit basketball’. So it made me think, how bad do I want to get to this next level, how bad do I really want to help people? So I ended up doing just that, achieving that next level, then giving up my basketball scholarship that year. I was 19, my senior year of college and I gave up my basketball scholarship to push this business to the next level – a lot of people are saying that’s crazy, but I have a vision. There’s a difference between vision and sight – there are some things that I could see, other people couldn’t see – but now it’s a reality,” says Darick. 

Choosing to name his business FAM truly encompasses Darick’s passion for unity and supportiveness within his team. Darick believes that in order to move forward individually, we must all lift eachother up collectively, and genuinely appreciate the success of our partners. When discussing the personal growth he experienced in growing Forever A Millionaire, Darick says:

“Building a business helped me to learn more about myself, really working hard on my leadership qualities that it takes to instill a vision in somebody else. I’ve been able to bring four people to the same level of success that I’ve attained for myself within my organization, so it just goes to show that this business and what we’re doing is not just, ‘if you come first, you eat the most’ – it’s about sharing in the wealth and knowledge so that every single person can succeed.”

Darick’s ultimate goal with Forever A Millionaire is to help as many people as possible realize their own ability to achieve financial freedom and shed light on an unorthodox mindset that has helped so many in his organization find success outside of the confines of a 9-5 job. As Forever A Millionaire continues to flourish, Darick’s vision for the business continues to grow, and he has no intentions of stopping until the vision is a reality.

“We’re playing the game of longevity. We’re playing a game of generational wealth. So I’m trying to put in as much as I can across the entire board so we can play this game the right way.”