Daring to Make it Big as a One of a Kind Dubai Luxury Realtor and Vlogger is Farooq Syed


To dream about achieving excellence in something is one thing, and to go ahead, work day and night, put in every possible effort and make it big in a particular area of interest is a different thing altogether. Sometimes it can even take years for some people to create their desired success in their respective fields, but the ones who have gone ahead in attaining their desired success and that too at a very young age have totally spellbound people with their talents and skills and have shown how it is to be done. The property industry has been so welcoming all these years, giving endless opportunities to people showing a different level of passion and expertise in taking the industry to much greater heights. Farooq Syed is one of these top real estate talents, a one of a kind Dubai luxury realtor and the CEO of Springfield Properties, who has made people understood how realty dreams could be transformed into a beautiful reality.

From a very early age, Farooq Syed radiated a certain level of curiosity and intrigue to know more and gain  knowledge in all that he ever wanted to learn and understand in life. His inclination towards the real estate field is also because of the mindboggling realty development he has noticed over the years in the UAE, which motivated him to be a part of the game and encouraged him to start preparing as a youngster. From the American University of Sharjah, he graduated with a degree in Finance and Management.

In the year 2006, Farooq Syed took the road of real estate as a broker and since then has never looked back. He got the opportunity to work early on for two of the most recognized brokerage firms in Dubai. This encouraged him and his family to start Springfield Properties in 2008. The young realtor and CEO of the said company recalls how, during the downturn of the markets, he had moved to the US to do his MBA from the University of Michigan and how when he returned, he saw the uprise of the property business like never before.

Springfield Properties’ success in Dubai as a real estate advisory is also because of Farooq Syed’s relentless efforts in business planning, sales, negotiation and administration and his skills in developing the business to exponential heights. This young realtor’s business approaches are one of a kind just like him, which has further propelled him forward in the vast and competitive industry. He has excelled beyond boundaries as a young vlogger as well, who has entertained and also informed clients with his real estate content on his YouTube channel.