Davide Anzimanni Setting Unreachable Bars in the Photography Globe


Photography is the story that is failed to put into words. Photography is not an easy job; it is an art of capturing images with full dedication. It requires your creativity, patience, concentration, attention to detail, strong networking skills and also team working skills. To be a good photographer you should be expert in taking control of focus, understanding of making a shot blurry, should knowing how to get white balance right and also should be best in focusing on moving subjects. It is a very creative job which is definitely not a child’s play.

Davide Anzimanni, a young photographer who wants to be recognized for his photography sills worldwide. Davide is 25 years old talented artist who lives in Udine. He initially worked as a sales engineer in a company in Udine but his heart was stuck at photography. He developed his interest in photography back in his school days. Davide never thought of giving up his photography, he kept on working on it. He decided to start learning photography himself. He kept on working on his style, mistakes with full dedication. He had a clear vision of making himself more skillful and better than yesterday.

Someone has rightly said “if you work hard, opportunity comes by itself to your doorstep.” One fine day Davide’s hard worked paid off, he got a chance to work with many good facilities like Kursaal at Lignano, he worked there for few summers. He is also working as a photographer of Maturita celebrations for 3 consecutive years.

Davide is having a good fan following on Instagram, he is having 128k followers on Instagram which is incredible. He is currently focusing on collaborating with different brands and hotels from all over the world. His photography skills are liked by everyone all because of a unique style and creativity in his captures.  He creates content for hotels, resorts by capturing them through various angles. He had worked with many opulence hotels in Bali, in Cappadocia, in Norway, in Lapland and in Italy. He believes that a photographer should study the object first, rather than just clicking. He prefers of making his content either at sunset or sunrise rather than in day. He uses a mirrorless Canon EOS R6 Camera with lenses like Canon 16-35mm 2.8 and Canon70200mm 2.8.

His work is loved by everyone, he has never got any complains about his work till now. He has been a great inspiration for many people out here. He showed that if you are passionate about your dreams, then you will surely get the success.  He never missed any opportunity, chance that helped him to grew higher and higher. We should learn from him that you should never ever think of giving up on your dreams, you should keep on working for them until you don’t make them true.