Deidre Schill Is One of Australia’s Top Relationship Coaches, and Here Is Why


Deidre Schill is the founder of My Beautiful Self and is The Self Relationship Expert. Deidre works with clients to first upgrade their self-relationship and then upgrade all relationships within their lives with her ME FIRST six Month Coaching Program.

Deidre says, “You might have a belief that putting yourself first is wrong, however, when you learn to put yourself first by empowering yourself, especially when healing your inner relationship with yourself, you see that it is how you are supposed to truly live your life. When you are healing your inner self relationship it changes all relationships within your life”. Deidre’s clients soon find themselves responding and acting in ways in which they did not believe is possible before they commenced the program.

Deidre works with her clients one on one, and provides 24hr support whilst working together. She commits 100% to ensure that her clients are valued, heard, and supported throughout their journey and guides them through each stage of personal growth and development and understands first hand the work it takes to “change lifelong patterns and behaviours that no longer serve you.” Deidre’s core values make her one of Australia’s top relationship coaches.

Deidre states, “this is the hardest work you will ever do, and you can’t do it alone, however, it is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself’. Deidre believes everyone needs to upgrade their Self Relationship to have healthy relationships — “Within yourself and both at home and work to live a fulfilled life free from the emotional roller coaster that you can often find yourself attached to.”