Dia Mirza Continues To Be The Queen Of Everything Classy, Subtle and Elegant! View Pics


Summers could bring with them a riot of colors and blinding brightness. But then again, some seasoned souls readily opt for unique choices- keeping the fabric light,  the shades subtle, and go for creations that are hatke in the truest sense of the word. Dia Mirza could probably find herself in the second category. One look at these visuals from the leading fashion glossy Harper’s Bazaar and you will be convinced how Bollywood’s elegant lady keeps the affair royal, stylish, and incredibly unique.

We could imagine the star simply glide like a dream in those gorgeous creations for this photoshoot. The royal deep blues, the greys, and the pearl whites intermingle (and stand out dramatically in the isolation, too!) to paint an exquisite canvas-so to speak. Add to the whole royal mood a generous dollop of Dia’s trademark smile (the one to die for), her magical charm, and you wouldn’t have to guess why this shoot must have turned out to be the photographer’s delight!

But it’s not just the fashion or the style that had us engaged with this shoot. It was also Dia’s resolve to stay true to her commitments as an advocate of a clean environment and sustainability that really got us hooked. “I feel, in many ways, the pandemic also woke many people up to the urgency of the situation. But we also have short memories… During Holi, it was advised by state governments not to play, but despite so many Covid protocols, people were playing with ridiculous amounts of water. It draws attention to the fact that there are going to be many cities that will not have any water at all. Some places have already hit that point and, yet, people are being so reckless with resources. It makes you wonder what it will take to convert information into mainstream action'” she said in the interview with the glossy. Dia Mirza Handles A Curious Fan Who Questioned Her About Her Early Pregnancy in the Most Boss Way Possible!

We second Dia’s opinions on collaboration and co-existence without undermining the effect at both the individual as well as at the collective level to bring about a real change. No wonder she continues to charm us with the causes she stands for as indeed with the charm she exudes as the quintessential queen of everything classy!

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